"CINEMA SPACE TRIBUTE" which gathered scenes of beautiful outer space from movies

From Stanley Kubrick's director's movie "2001 Space Journey" published in 1968 to Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" published in 2014, a beautiful universe scene from ancient and east west movies What gathered into a single movie is "CINEMA SPACE TRIBUTE"is.


Max Shishkin made the picture. BGM uses Hans Jimmer's "Mountains" from the soundtrack of "Interstellar" and the poetry being read aloud is also used by Dylan Thomas' impressively used in "Interstellar" Do not go gentle into that good night. " In the work, Michael Caine's brand professor was speaking, but reading is due to Anthony Hopkins.

First of all, from the distant view of various stars ... ....

Black hole and "Event Horizon" that came out on "Interstellar" also.

If you think, Star Wars death star also comes out.

There are various structures floating in the universe, such as ISS (International Space Station) that came out in "Zero Gravity" this time.

And to the spaceship series.

Various scenery of the universe.

Moreover, there are various structures floating in the universe.

The Millennium Falcon issue will also catch a glimpse.

You can see that ring-shaped stations are appearing in various movies.

Various space suit

Floating in space suit

And the monolith ... ....

A series of explosions

Although the picture is only 4 minutes, since the works are switched one after another, it may be unknown if how much work is being used is not so familiar with the movie.

According to Max Shishkin, the works used are as follows.

"2001 Space Odyssey (2001: A Space Odyssey)" directed by Stanley Kubrick, 1968
"Alien" (Director Ridley Scott in 1979)
"Aliens 2" (directed by James Cameron in 1986)
"Armageddon" (Directed by Michael Bay in 1998)
"Avatar" (Directed by James Cameron in 2009)
"Battleship" (Director, Peter Berg, 2012)
"Cargo" (Director of Ivan Angler, Ralph Etta in 2009)
"Elysium" (directed by Neil Bromcamp in 2013)
"Europa Report" (directed by Sebastian · Cordero in 2013)
"Event Horizon)" (Director Paul Anderson in 1997)
"Zero Gravity" (director Alfonso Cualon in 2013)
"Guardians of the Galaxy" (directed by James Gan in 2014)
"Interstellar" (directed by Christopher Nolan in 2014)
"Lockout" (directed by James Mother, Stephen Saint Leisure in 2012)
"Lost in Space" (directed by Steven Hopkins in 1998)
"Man of Steel" (directed by Zack Snyder in 2013)
"Mission of Mars" (Directed by Brian de Palma in 2000)
"Moon captured by the moon (Moon)" (Directed by Duncan Jones in 2009)
"Oblivion" (directed by Joseph Kosinsky in 2013)
"Pandorum" (directed by Christian Albert in 2009)
"Prometheus" (Director Ridley Scott in 2012)
"Planetary Solaris (Solaris)" (directed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972)
'Solaris' (Solaris)' (directed by Stephen Soderberg in 2002)
"Star Trek" (Directed by J · J · Abrams in 2009)
"Star Trek: Into Darkness" (Directed by J · J · Abrams in 2013)
"Star Wars: Episode IV New Hope (Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope)" (1977, directed by George Lucas)
"Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi (Episode VI - Return of the Jedi)" (Directed by Richard McCando in 1983)
"Starship Troopers" (Director Paul Berhoven in 1997)
"Sunshine 2057 (Sunshine)" (Director Danny Boyle in 2007)
"Fountain Eternally Continued Love (The Fountain)" (Directed by Darren Aronofsky in 2006)
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (Directed by Garth Jennings in 2005)
"The Last Days on Mars" (directed by Ruaile Robinson in 2013)
"The Signal" (directed by William Eubank, 2014)
"Mighty So: Thor: The Dark World" (directed by Alan Taylor in 2013)
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (Directed by Michael Bay in 2011)

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