Samsung launches the world's first 4GB RAM equipped smartphone, allowing 4K quality movie shooting

Samsung seems to be launching smartphones equipped with 4 GB RAM, which makes it possible to shoot pictures with more than 20 million pixels and movies with 4 K quality. The 4 GB RAM which is in the stage of mass production is suppressing energy consumption while realizing twice the speed of LPDDR 3.

삼성 전자, 세계 최초 차세대 '20 나 8 8 기가기트 모바일 D 램' 양산 | SAMSUNG TOMORROW

Samsung builds 4GB RAM for 2015 smartphones - News - Trusted Reviews

4GB RAM smartphones and tablets are coming! Samsung ups its memory module game to 4GB LPDDR4, available early 2015

In 2013 SamsungDeveloped 8 Gb LP-DDR 4 memory module realizing 4 GB RAMIt announced that it was announced that "In smartphones equipped with 4 GB of RAM in 2014 it was done", but 2 GB was installed in Galaxy S5 and 3 GB of RAM was installed in Galaxy Note 3.

But on December 23 at an official blog of SAMSUNG TOMORROW in an article published on Samsung's memory sales and marketing department representative Joo Sun Choi said, "2nm 8Gb LPDDR4 is faster than PC and server DRAM, In a timely matter, we are announcing devices using ultra high definition large screen, 4 GB of RAM will be used for this, "said the smartphone with 4 GB RAM at last. Was suggested.

Samsung is developing 8 Gb LPDDR 4 DRAM using 20 nm process technology, and it seems that 4 GB memory modules stacked with this technology are installed. 4 GB RAM realizes twice the speed of existing LPDDR 3, reducing power consumption by 40%. The data is processed at 3200 Mb / s, and it is described in the blog that you can do ultra high definition movies and more than 20 million pixel photos.

Although not clearly stated, from Choi's statement of remarks, it can be seen that we are considering launching smartphones with 4K picture quality display with 4GB of RAM in 2015. Sony is also said to be equipped with 4 GB RAM on Xperia Z4, and it seems that a new evolution of smartphones will be seen in 2015.

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