Google's fully automated driving car starts road running test in January 2015

In May 2014 Google announced "Automatic driving car without handle and pedal"Has been released. The automatic driving car that showed the high performance in running tests with ordinary people on board will finally begin running tests on public roads in January 2015.

Today we're unwrapping the best holiday gift we could've imagined: the first ...

this isAutomatic driving car released in May 2014. It is a very cute design ride with a rounded form.

And this time, it is a picture of the latest version · automatic driving car which was decided on the road test which was released as "Christmas gift" from Google this. Roof ofLaser sensor called "LIDAR"Has been changed to a compact type like a patright. Also, since there was a dummy headlight on the last car, maybe there is a running test at night as well ......

This machine, which Google's automated driving car project calls "the first complete prototype", is scheduled to be tested on public roads in the northern part of California in January 2015.

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