16 trivia on Christmas that even Americans do not know

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It is a festival celebrating the birth of Jesus ChristChristmasBut it is becoming a big event to be enjoyed by many people who are not Christian now. About that Christmas, I am also a writer and a YouTube video bloggerJohn GreenI am talking about "Christmas Unchiku which even Americans do not know".

Nerdfighteria Wiki - 16 Innovative Origins of Holiday Traditions - mental_floss - List Show (Ep. 237)

Numerous unchikes that will become "Hu" not only for Americans but also for Japanese can be confirmed with the following movie.

16 Innovative Origins of Holiday Traditions - mental_floss - List Show (Ep. 237) - YouTube

◆ 01: artificial snow
It was in 1950 that familiar "artificial snow" first appeared now.

Succeeded to pile 20 inches (about 50 centimeters) of snow into the hill of Milford, Connecticut.

In the Connecticut ski resort before that it was crushing a mass of ice chunks.

◆ 02: Huge tree of Rockefeller Center
The Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center is 68 feet high (about 20 meters), weighs 555 pounds (about 250 kg), 30 thousand LED lights are used, the price is $ 1.5 million (about 18,000 Ten thousand yen)

A perfectly shaped tree is said to be carried by helicopter every year from New England.

◆ 03: Christmas tree in New York
It was Mr. Mark Car who first decorated the Christmas tree in the town of New York, borrowed a space beside the road at 1 dollar to decorate the tree in 1851. Mr. Kerr tried a great reputation, but Mr. Ker said that he decided to pay 100 dollars to borrow the same space the following year.

◆ 04: Christmas tree lights
In Germany in the 18th century, two candles were decorated in the Christmas tree and the candle was firmly fixed with "wax" so as not to collapse for fire prevention.

But in 1882 Edward Johnson, vice president of Edison Electric Light Company developed a Christmas light that glows red, white and blue. With this, the worry of the fire ceased.

◆ 05: Evolution of Christmas lights
Although it was a commercialized Christmas light, I had trouble attaching a light one by one to a socket, and I could not decorate many lights. So, two years later, a cable-type light that will be wrapped around the tree will emerge.

◆ 06: Mistletoe's superstition
Mariah Carey's "Lovers' ChristmasAs it appears in "Mistletoe"Is a special Christmas item, there is a legend that" men and women who met under mistletoe on Christmas Day can kiss. " It is said that it turned from the superstition that women who refused to kiss under the mistror from the UK lose the opportunity of proposal for several years.

◆ 07: Mistletoe
Mistletoe was originally a plant not inhabited in the United States, but since it was brought from France in the 19th century, "mistletoe / kiss" became common in the United States.

◆ 08: Kentucky · fried chicken in Japan
The most popular eating out at Christmas in Japan is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In 1974 KFC introduced a fried chicken as a foreign culture on television commercial instead of turkey and it was a big hit.

On December 25 it is a Christmas in Japan where a queue is created, which means that fried chicken will not be available unless you book, but only 1% are celebrating Christmas as "subject of faith".

◆ 09: Festivus
Drama"Nearby Seinfeld"Aluminum stick called" Festivus "has become a hidden popular item supported by" anti Christmas "in the United States. This Festivus is what the father of Drama writer Daniel O'keef invented.

◆ 10: Christmas card
The first Christmas card in the world was designed by Englishman John Colecott in 1843, but a family surrounding the table was drawn, not Santa and Reindeer.

◆ 11: Grinch
"Grinch"I do not like big Christmas and mischievous on Christmas people, but the author himself Dr. Susse himself is that model. Mr. Susus, who realized that I can not enjoy Christmas in any way, has created a Grinch from himself.

◆ 12: Christmas · pickles
"Christmas pickles" in ornaments decorated on Christmas trees is known as a German-made item that children who first found the pickles decorated hidden between branches on Christmas Eve night gifts, This is a completely lie. This is a supermarketWoolworthsIt is a story that I made arbitrarily to raise the sales of pickles.

◆ 13: Advent calendar
Children who count on Christmas are opening small small windows every Christmas day approachesAdvent calendarUnlike Christmas pickles this is genuine, a genuine custom from Germany.

◆ 14: Memorial stamps
It is time for Americans to go to the post office to buy Christmas memorial stamps. Two candles and garland stamped stamps designed by Mr. Jim Crawford in 1962 became very popular, 50 million copies sold out in no time, 100 million pieces sold by the end of the year .

◆ 15: Dreidle
Jews celebrate during the Christmas seasonHanukkahA piece called Dreidol is used for playing. A tournament was held in New York in 2007 to see who can turn this dressle for the longest time.

◆ 16: "Artificial" Christmas Tree
Although Christmas trees, such as fir tree, have been used, in 1951 the number of artificial Christmas trees finally overturned the number of Christmas trees of natural wood.

Christmas trees made with goose feathers etc. had problems with many rubbish and dust, but the Christmas tree that the company called Addis Brush does not emit garbage is a thing that diverted manufacturing technology of "toilet brush" That was.

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