What is important 'Story Telling' technology to get to work better?

ByJim Pennucci

Business by start-up and cloud funding is a difficult road that many companies disappear without looking at the eyes, but there is the possibility of becoming next generation Google and Facebook. In such business "Overwhelming power"Harvard Business Review also covered the listener to strongly convey the impression of their story to the audience"StorytellingIt's the technology. If the company's top learns it becomes a force to organize the organization,When applied to CM overwhelming diffusionThe New York Times summarizes the importance and usage of the storytelling that leads to.

Storytelling Your Way to a Better Job or a Stronger Start-Up - NYTimes.com

Professor Paul Sirk of economics, psychology and management at Claremont graduate school is secreted in the brainOxytocinI am researching. Oxytocin is also known as "hormone of love", it is a substance considered to bring about trust and sympathy to people, that it is abundantly secreted by lactating women through research and that it is released into orgasm I know that.

Prof. Sak gave a character-oriented proof to prove the effect of oxytocinDeploy a storyWe conducted an experiment using a story movie. Subjects gathered before and after watching the movie, but as a result of the analysis, oxytocin in the blood has increased after watching the movie, and a tendency to facilitate support activities such as donation to the charity about the story he / she viewed It was said that it was seen. By confirming an increase in oxytocin, it has been proved that "a story that strikes the heart of a person" is scientifically effective, but Professor Sark said, "Even if it is a favorite story" It is difficult to express it clearly. "It seems difficult to give the effect of oxytocin freely as a story teller.

ByFrits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Then, what kind of story hits the opponent's heart and can cause oxytocin to be secreted? I am anxious about the point that I am a lecturer at the Johns Hopkins University graduate school in this regardKeith · KesenberryHe is doing research. Mr. Kesenberg explained the structure of the story with collaborators on storytelling "Pyramid of Freitak"I studied the super bowl CM. The pyramid of Freitak is a GermanGustaf FreitakIt is an illustration of common items in novels and stories, Act 1 to 5 are as follows.

Act. 1 = "presentation section"
Act. 2 = "Rising development"
Act. 3 = "turning point"
Act. 4 = "Downward Expansion"
Act. 5 = "ending"

Regardless of the length of the story, the story that strikes the heart is basically developed according to the above pattern. As an exception to be completed only by Act.1, Ernest Hemingway wrote a novel written in only 6 words "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.(Under sale: children's shoes that have never been worn) "is famous, but Mr. Qsenberg revealed that CM who incorporated a lot of Act's number is more likely to be shared by SNS. The best example with all elements of the pyramid is Budweiser's CMPuppy LoveThat thing.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial - "Puppy Love" - ​​YouTube

Contents of the CM depict friendship between a puppy and a horse. The number of views from publication on January 29, 2014 to the time of article writing is about 54,263,200. Budweiser spokesperson said, "The story of a puppy is generating a remarkable share"USA Today's CM AwardHe said that he received the top advertisement award in Hulu. Although it is a commercial that little beer that Budweiser's product does not appear, it is a great success CM that produces great profits. Mr. Kesenberry said, "There are" clichés "in the story, but the story noticed as a cliche will fail," he says, how to incorporate Flytak's pyramid elements innovatively and attract customers It also becomes important in business.

The technology of storytelling in business is becoming more important, and like a story coach Andrew Linderman who instructs "balance of storytelling" for enterprises including major companies such as American Express, a nonprofit organization (About 210,000 yen) to 3500 dollars (about 410 thousand yen) for start-up, and we are holding a workshop for 500 dollars (about 60,000 yen) to 5000 dollars (about 59,000 Course has also appeared to improve teaching skills of storytelling, such as offering one to one guidance of yen).

If you can master excellent storytelling skills, you can produce effective CMs and make presentations that remain in the mind, which makes it a powerful weapon for startups that are not well known.

ByWill Lion

The "The point of storytelling in business" summarized by The New York Times is as follows.
◆ 1:To know about the audience
◆ 2:Having a beginning, a middle point, an end (for the audience to often forget the contents)
◆ 3:Use specific details and personal experience
◆ 4:Do not voluntarily censor
◆ 5:Do not try to memorize stories / do not rehearse

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