Successful shoot of the deep sea fish "Black Sea Devil" like a devil, what is its identity?

To take a movie of a very rare deep-sea fish that has only been encountered several times in the past deep-sea exploration,Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute(MBARI) researchers succeeded. Successful shooting this time is "Black Sea DevilIt is a deep-sea fish called "fish of the world" as its name suggests it is a fish that I do not want to encounter by all means in the sea.

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The movie started when the camera directed to the deep sea captured "Black Sea Devil" in the distance.

It gradually approaches.

Something like white grain drifts in the sea, and Black Sea Devil as if wandering in the universe.

This is Black Sea Devil. It is characterized by a dark body and a very heinous mouth.

Looking from the right side like this. The jaw bone is abnormally sharp, it looks like "Ella is stretched" in human beings.

Looking from the other way around. The mouth with large and brutal fangs keeps on opening.

A butterfly shining gleaming on your head. As you can see from this chouchin, this black sea devil is a fish called black butterfly anko of the genus Black anchova. It was in the deep sea of ​​Monterrey Bay 580 meters.

Anko living in the deep sea is very cowardly so it is very difficult to shoot, so it seems that there are so many movies that captured the appearance of anchor naturally habitat. In addition, this time it was the first time that we discovered that black chicken anko is swimming in the deep sea.

If you encounter it has a terrible shape to the extent that it seems to be hurting, but the length of the butterfly of the movie is only 9 cm.

And this individual is actually a female.

The movie was taken on November 17, 2014, and was taken by Mr. Bruce Robison, a researcher at MBARI.

Looking from the bottom, it looks like this, it does not seem to have an abdominal numbness or buttocks.

Looking at the distance, it is like this.

After all it is cow about seeing it near.

"Chowchin" which shines at the tip of the head is very attractive.

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