Mr. Bill · Gates's "Five memorable books I read in 2014"

Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, is a person who is also known as a reader. Last year was "Seven books remembered in 2013"As I mentioned in my official blog on the book I read in 2013 especially my favorite things, 2014 also introduced the five books that remained particularly memorable It is.

The Best Books I Read in 2014 | Bill Gates

◆ 1:Business Adventures
Bill Gates for the first timeWarren BuffettWhen he met with Mr. Gates he asked Mr. Buffett to let him know the recommended business book. Mr. Buffett recommended the book, from the 1950's to the 1960'sNew YorkerIn the book "Business Adventures" which gathered the business feature articles of the business, Gates liked it very much and it seems that it is becoming a love letter that can be read even now.

Mr. John Brooks, author of "Business Adventures", has insight into the business, there are many parts that are relevant to the current business and it is great, Mr. Gates.

In addition, Gates particularly likes Xerox 's item, which is free downloadable from the following page.

Here's a Chapter From My Favorite Business Book | Bill Gates

◆ 2:Capital of the 21st century
"The capital of the 21st century" written by French business scholar Toma Piqueti gives new understanding to the disparity problem such as income disparity and economic growth by detailed data and theory. Mr. Gates said about Piqueti's consideration mentioned in the "Capital of the 21st Century", "There are concerns about some policy prescriptions, but I can greatly agree with the most important conclusions," he I hope that the research will attract clever people to research on wealth and income disparity. "

◆ 3:How Asia Works
Mr. Joe Studwell, author of "How Asia Works", gave an answer to two serious problems that can not be ignored in development economics. This "two serious problems" is that one thing is "how advanced countries and regions such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China have advanced," and the other is "why these countries Have you accomplished such growth? "

In "How Asia Works", in response to these two questions, "Build smallholder prosperity" and "Production foundation that can earn income from excessive agricultural products, focusing on export", " By cultivating it precisely, we will foster both these fields, "he says. Gates said "Especially the insights of items concerning agriculture is wonderful", he said that the same amount of consideration material was obtained as that obtained from the Bill Gates Foundation's agricultural team as a whole.

◆ 4:The Rosie Effect
"The Rosie Effect" was particularly cheerful and cared for among the novels I read so far, "said Mr. Gates. Although it is an interesting and funny novel, it has become a work that makes me think deeply about human relations, and I was deeply thought about how much time and effort should be poured in to maintain human relations.

◆ 5:Making the Modern World
Mr. Bartzlaf Smil's book "Making the Modern World" is a view on views on how to use materials such as silicon, wood, plastic, cement and so on. Mr. Gates said, "If someone says" little material ", please send this book".

Originally the author, Mr. Smil said that he was wondering "why do you make many different things with many materials?", "Man has the ability to produce things even with a small amount of material than at present" I use many data in the book to prove that I am doing it. For example, it says that "soda cans can be made with even smaller amounts of aluminum enough" to point out waste of materials by proving them with examples.

A movie that can easily redeem "Five memorable books read in 2014" has been released.

Best Books of 2014 - YouTube

Five volumes carefully selected by Mr. Gates who reads a large number of books are introduced, and I can not help thinking "If that Bill · Gates says that much ...".

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