Should chocolate tax similarly to alcohol and tobacco?

"You should set up a chocolate tax like liquor taxes or tobacco taxes."A certain doctor stressed and called for discussion.

Like chocolate as well as cigarettes and alcohol, in other words taste products. It should be able to survive without it, but for enthusiastic chocolate like "I get irritated when the chocolate runs out" or "I can not stop", if it is taxed, it may be a big blow.

A novel that was also made into a movieChocolate · UndergroundDoes it come the day that eating chocolate can be regarded as a "bad habit" like drinking or smoking like in the making of?

Details are as below.News: Chocolate should be taxed in the same way as booze or cigarettes, doctor says | national / international | thelondonpaper

David Walker, a practitioner in the Lanarkshire region of Scotland, claims that chocolate should be taxed at wholesale level in order to stop the spread of obesity. "Chocolate is a leading player who pushed up the obese population in the UK, and by taxing, people can increase the perception that chocolate is an unhealthy food that causes obesity that induces diabetes, hypertension, back pain, etc." I plan to propose at the doctor meeting of Clydebank.

"People who eat chocolate while watching TV often take half of the calories required for one day in a blink of an eye.The chocolate is one of the biggest causes of obesity and obesity related diseases," Walker doctor.

"Currently, chocolate is going through people's" bad food for the body "radar." But people argue that chocolate is good for the body, but as compared to obesity, whatever utility would be a harmful effect It is insignificant. "

However, due to moderation problems, add 1 or 2 pieces of chocolate per day, or 1 piece of chocolate biscuits if there is no problem.

"What I'd like to say is that while people seeing soap opera, a person who flies a bag of 225 g of Minstrels (a chocolate sweet like a brown large-size marble chocolate popular in the UK) is not unusual, but that alone is nearly 1,200 kcal, It is more than half of the recommended daily energy intake of adult men and women. "

Walker doctor is planning to propose this agenda at the regular meeting of BMA (British Medical Association) Scottish Regional Medical Committee.

Representatives of the food manufacturing industry are ignoring Walker's remarks. "Turning backward progressive taxation on foods loved by consumers like chocolate will not make the waist thinner, although it may lighten people's wallets.The consumption tax already on chocolate It is even more so because it is imposed, "said Julian Hunt of Food and Drink Federation (FDF: UK Food Manufacturers Association). "Although it might be good to sell the newspaper on catchy headlines, there is no basis that such taxes are actually effective, in fact the same agenda has been raised in BMA in 2003 as well At that time, however, "The tax system is ineffective for obesity, it gives the most bad blow to low-income people, and it is nothing other than a nightmare brought about by the office work", the opposition partly occupied a lot. "

Andrea Mills, a 27-year-old business analyst at suburban London Ealing, said: "It is incorrect to tax a chocolate because it is their choice to eat or not eat", according to Andrea Mills. "People do not drink, smoke, or chocolate because they taxed it, only money is gathered to the government."

Bianca Bernard, a 29-year-old residing in West London, says: "I think it is a silly idea, eating chocolate is one of the pleasures of people, fun should not be taxed, and since it is the children who eat chocolate the most, children are taxed I will pay. "

So the possibility of introducing this "chocolate tax" seems to be extremely low, but if the recognition that the eating of chocolate is not good is planted in a corner of many people's mind, Walker 's remarks may have been meaningful.

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