Sweet relationship of "brain and sweets" to improve performance of consciousness

ByShandi-lee Cox

Eating sweets like cake or drinking full sweetness drinks makes me feel happy, but also from the research results based on brain science the sweet things have a positive effect on the brain, the performance of consciousness activities It was revealed that it improved.

How the Brain Uses Glucose to Fuel Self-Control - WSJ

In order to run a car, gasoline is necessary, or when you do a huge amount of calculations using a supercomputer, much power is needed, so to make something move, It becomes necessary. This is the same for human beings, especially the "brain" which can be said to be the essential part of life is a type of sugarglucoseIt can not fulfill its role without supplying grape sugar (glucose).

In the case of people with standard physique, the brain accounts for only 3% of the total body weight, but that energy consumed by such brains reaches as much as 25% of the total, so how much energy the brain has You can see that it is consuming.

ByAllan Ajifo

The situation can be grasped accurately using the latest equipment. When listening to music, the auditory cortex of the brain, the part of the hippocampus shaped uplift when trying to remember something new, the movement cortex when further dancing, and "Do not eat it in such a late time ... You can see how the blood flow increases at places such as the part of the frontal lobe of the brain when it exerts a strong will, such as ...! "And energy consumption increases, It seems to be able to understand how you are in charge of consciousness activities of.

And, furthermore, such conscious activity by the brain, as if muscle tired, it is difficult to move the body, it turns out that after experiencing a difficult thing, a decline in ability occurs.

In some experiments, subjects reminded past events along the time series, but in doing so, it is easier to "see from the past to the present" opposite "From the present to the pastForced to remember in order. Take troublesome ways to consciously avoid simple methodsSelf-control(Self-control). However, when loading the frontal lobe portion of the brain responsible for consciousness activity like this, it has been revealed that the processing ability of the task which has been carried out subsequently declined at once.


It is also clear that in such a situation, much energy is consumed in the frontal lobe, and the glucose concentration contained in blood drops sharply. Even more interestingly, it was also confirmed that if you give a subject with a sugar-filled drink during the experiment, the ability of self-control will revive and the performance will rise.

In this way, it was revealed that energy is necessary for self-control mind, but the research team by Brad Bushman of Ohio State University of America and others also reported that brain activity against "aggressive impulses" of consciousness We tracked the state of blood glucose concentration by tracking it.

For one week's experiment, married couple participated in pairs. While measuring blood sugar content every day, at night, evaluate the emotional level of anger held against the partner on that day. The method of evaluation has changed slightly, prepare dolls that were considered for the opponent, expressing the level by piercing the pin of the needle according to the level of anger. Although anger is expressed in a way that does not go any further, from the result of one week's experimentThe tendency that the number of stabbed pins increases as the glucose concentration in blood decreasesWas revealed.

ByPhilippa Willitts

The emotion of anger was expressed in a way that was taken against the doll, but the experiment team verified whether the same tendency can be seen also in a more direct way. In the same way, in an experiment in which a couple participated, we put them in separate rooms and let them play in computer games. And on the side I lost to the game I was exposed to an unpleasant noise sound punished like a game, how muchThe size and length of this noise sound can be set by the winnerIt was being made. It was possible to set the volume of noise noise to a maximum of 105 decibels.

And, as a result of the experiment, it became clear that a dreadful tendency that the volume of the noise becomes large and the length becomes longer as the glucose concentration in the blood becomes lower like the previous experiment using the pin and the doll.

In this way, it was confirmed that the brain's ability to control human consciousness activity is greatly influenced by the concentration of glucose (glucose). It seems to be said that it is said that taking sweets and sugar at regular intervals will result in good results even when going to tasks that are psychologically burdensome or when conducting a congested couple with a couple.

ByChris Pichado

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