I ate "Kani / Otaru Taira Donburu" of Taya where the taste of winter is arranged all together

Innovative new menu "in late November"BBQ Tang - Domestic chicken · Vegetable bowl of rice"We released a luxury good fortune in winter or"Crab, scallops on scallWe released it from December 4 (Thursday). I went to the shop because it was a dish using sticks of shrimp raised in natural environment and crab and scallops from Hokkaido Okhotsk.

Blow off the cold in winter! Tentay's New Year's Holiday begins first! BBQ Town "Domestic Chicken and Vegetable Bowl Dinner" Winter feast tribute "Kabon · Scallop Tempur" New Year's Eve "New Year's Tempura" Early Reservation Start
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Arrived at Tenya. There was no poster of a scallop and scallop for rice at the shop front whether it was the first day of sale.

When entering the shop, there was a menu of scallops and scallops on the desk. I will place an order without hesitation.

Waiting In 10 minutes we will have a crab and scalloped scallop (860 yen including tax) arrived. The fragrant scent of anyone spreads to the table.

In the middle of the bowl, there are rice crabs with shells and shrimps boasting of pride.

Scallop is heavy in clothing, and it is cooked firmly.

Squid is quite large.

Vegetables such as lotus root were also listed.

First of all, when trying to eat from a cracked crab, it has a strong taste unique to crabs and sweetness, a powerful taste to realize that "I am eating a crab." Sweetness is never too strong, compatibility with sauce of rice-bowl with crunch is also outstanding.

The shrimp is like a pre-cream that does not compare with other eating out chains. Shrimp prices are soaring, and it is regrettable that it is 210 yen including tax when it is single item now, but it is a quality of consent.

Scallop is fresh as sashimi can be used, umami is packed with jerky. It is also good that the scallop itself is big and finished with a little rare feeling texture.

There is a diagonal break in any tempura, a soft texture.

The lotus root was a good accent with a shabby texture.

Of course, the sauce of the rice bowl at the sauce is also great. The soup stock is moderately high, and the aftertaste is refreshing because it is not too sweet.

Scissors · Scalloped rice bowls are 860 yen including tax for a limited time until January 14 (Wed) 2015. The price is not cheap, but if you consider that you can eat winter fortune with a cup of bowl, it may be otoku.

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