In Google's new API "reCAPTCHA" you can prove that you are not a bot by just clicking on the image and you do not need to type in characters

A function that can prove that it is not a bot by entering characters displayed in images installed to block a bot attempting to access a websiteReCAPTCHAAlthough it is introduced in many sites, it is troublesome to input characters every time, and it was a painful task in mobile terminals such as smartphones. However, we have evolved so that we can prove that it is not a bot, but a new click and tap.


Google Online Security Blog: Are you a robot? Introducing "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA"

You can tell how the new reCAPTCHA proposed by Google can be used by watching the following movie.

Introducing the no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA - YouTube

The reCAPTCHA function is effective as a means to block bots attacking the website.

However, the bot continues to evolve year by year, and character recognition of reCAPTCHA which was impossible in the past is being broken through.

While strengthening reCAPTCHA that could be broken by Bot, Google thought that there was no way to prove "being a human rather than a bot" more easily.

And it is the new reCAPTCHA that I could do.

The new reCAPTCHA is a bot selection function embedded in the website like the conventional reCAPTCHA, but no character input is necessary. It is possible to operate by clicking and tapping.

If you use the new reCAPTCHA, anyone can easily prove that it is not a bot.

The concrete usage is like this. When I check "I'm not a robot (I am not a bot)", I will display the image "Select all images below that match this one: (Please select the same thing from this below from the bottom)" As an example comes out, just select the same image as the image example from the bottom and click / tap. Since character input work like conventional reCAPTCHA is unnecessary, it can prove that it is not a bot easily even for a mobile terminal which is difficult to input characters.

To introduce the new reCAPTCHA API on the website,ReCAPTCHA Official PageClick "Get reCAPTCHA" in the upper right.

Log in with your Google Account.

Enter a name to distinguish "Label", enter domain to use reCAPTCHA in "Domains", click "Register".

Then click on the domain name you want to use from the top and get the API key OK. The spam rate and pass rate for the past seven days will be displayed.

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