Google's new reCAPTCHA is an "invisible" specification that does not require character input or image selection

Widely used as an authentication system for judging whether a partner is a human being or a machine (bot) is "CAPTCHAIn that, Google's offer "ReCAPTCHA"there is. From a human being, it is troublesome to bother to enter a character string that you do not know after logging in to the website, or to choose an image, but the new reCAPTCHA is no longer "invisible".

ReCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots

Google's new reCAPTCHA system is so great, you can not even see it |

The concept itself was revealed in a movie released in May 2016.

ReCAPTCHA: Tough on Bots, Easy on Humans - YouTube

ReCAPTCHA distinguishes humans from bots using a simple checkbox.

By repelling the bot at the entrance, we are preventing billions of attacks on websites all over the world.

However, because there are "bad guys" trying to avoid them, we have made progresses steadily. In the past it was a mechanism to read and input words which are hard to read like this.

Sometimes I was entering numbers.

With 2014 improvementCharacter input becomes unnecessary and only clicking the specified imagebecame.

In order to move forward one step further from that, Google combined machine learning with advanced risk analysis, finally made reCAPTCHA "invisible".

With this, even if you are using a PC ... ...

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will not complain about the environment.

Troubleshooting to eliminate the trouble of choosing images makes it possible to reach the website more quickly.

... ... except for the bot.


What is worrisome is "How do you distinguish humans from bots?", But there was not specified on the site there.

According to this, though it seems that the side of the bot will also evolve, the battle over reCAPTCHA in the future may become intertwining in the form invisible to the user's eyes I do not.

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