How government intelligence agencies are eavesdropping from submarine cables in the Internet


Former CIA official Mr. Edward Snowden said in 2013 by the United States and BritainExposing large scale monitoring activitiesEver since then, eavesdropping activities by the United States and the United Kingdom have been reported frequently. On November 25, 2014 UK and Germany media, British intelligence agency "GCHQ"Has been found to be conducting eavesdropping activities via the submarine cable of the Internet while receiving support from domestic telecommunications carriers, and the mechanism of large-scale interception of communication has become clear.

Cable Master List
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Top Level Telecommunications: INCENSER, or how NSA and GCHQ are tapping internet cables

British television station "Channel 4", German television station"WDR"When"NDR"Co-produced program, the existence of the communication interception facility" NIGELLA "was revealed. NIGELLA operates in 80 countries around the world "Cable & Wireless"Headquartered in India"Reliance CommunicationsIt is installed in a place where carriers' telecommunications carriers intersect.

The location of NIGELLA is in the facility called FLAG Cable Station. FLAG Cable Station "FLAG TelecomIt is the facility owned by the company, and it plays the role of the ending point of two large submarine cables among those installed in the world. One is "connecting the United Kingdom and the United States"FLAG Atlantic-1(FA - 1) "and the other is connected to Japan from the UK"FLAG Europe-Asia(FEA) "submarine cable.

FA-1 was originally owned by FLAG Telecom, but as of the writing of the article, it is currently under the umbrella of Reliance CommunicationsGlobal Cloud XchangeThe other FEA is also owned by Global Cloud Xchange.

Connect FA-1 and FEABackhaulIs supplied by Cable & Wireless, which manages the network around the FLAG Cable Station, but it leaked out of the British intelligence agency "GCHQ"Confidential document(PDF file)It turns out that the interception of communication is done from the backhaul connecting FA - 1 and FEA. In addition, communication interception is "Computer Network Exploitation(CNE) ", CNE is named" PFENNING ALPHA ", code name of the hacking strategy.

Since Global Cloud Xchange owns FA-1 and FEA, it is not a company with partnership with GCHQ, so GCHQ gets support of Cable & Wireless providing backhaul connection and is intercepting communication That's it.

In the confidential document of GCHQ, Cable & Wireless, which supports interception of communication, is codenamed "GERONTICSince it was stated as "the identity was unknown, the company name was revealed by German media and newspaper. Cable & Wireless has something to do with the 29 submarine cables as of the writing of the article, and has partnered with each of the nine of them.

The relationship between GCHQ and Cable & Wireless is not beginning now, it has been decades since the telegram was delivered from the time of World War I and is expected to continue in the future.

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