"Cranial nerve implant" "Intensive switch", what is the future technology to improve the human brain?

Studies to control the internal actions of the human brain are progressing throughout the world and in the future it is possible to treat difficult diseases for which no treatment has been established such as Parkinson's disease or " It may be possible to sustain ". The Verge summarizes the latest research that might improve such a human brain.

The Big Future: Can we build a better brain? | The Verge

"Can you improve the human brain?" Is described in the following movie.

Can we build a better brain? - THE BIG FUTURE Ep. 3 - YouTube

A treatment method has been established that embeds a wire-like implant in the correct position of the spinal column and removes low back pain and the like by applying an electric current.

What happens if you do the same treatment to the brain?

this isDeep brain stimulation therapy, Or corticostimulant therapy, a treatment called Parkinson's disease orDystoniaIt is regarded as promising in the field of intractable diseases such as hyperactivity disorder (myopia).

By implanting the wire implant into the brain by surgery ......

She also said she will have an effective effect on tremors and seizures that are also symptoms of Parkinson's disease, as well as depression.

A large amount of nerves are gathered in the brain, and physical and mental work is done according to the signal sent.

If it can not transmit the signal well for some reason, it will cause an attack or mental depression.

Deep brain stimulation stimulation therapy is a therapy that artificially controls the transmission of cranial nerve by flowing electric signals through the implant to such a problematic neural circuit. Although many studies are in the very early stages, about 100,000 people have already done nerve transplantation treatment surgically injecting wires into the brain all over the world.

In addition, as a method without performing a surgical operation, a pulse stimulus is sent from the scalp to the cerebrum "Transcranial magnetic stimulation method"there is. It can excite neurons in the brain without damaging the body and it is said to be an effective treatment for headache, cerebral infarction, Parkinson's disease, dystonia, tinnitus and psychiatric symptoms depression and hallucination .

Even in daily life, it may be possible to temporarily control the neural action of the brain by ingestion of caffeine, alcohol, drugs, ... ...

It is possible to switch such a change of mood and the action of cranial nerve by turning the switch on and off. According to the latest research, it is found that although the efficiency of the mechanical task such as "writing" declines due to the transcranial stimulation, the memory and concentration are increased.

In the future, it may become common sense to "turn on electric current instead of drinking coffee" as a means of temporarily getting concentrated.

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