Elijah Wood also appeared, New Zealand Air's 'In-flight safety video' was magnificent

New Zealand Airlines is a movie "Hobbit unexpected adventureFull of world view ofUnique in-flight safety videoAlthough we are making a final chapter to be released from December 13, 2014 "The Future of the Hobbit Final Battle"After that,Elijah WoodThe latest work of "In-flight safety video" of a magnificent scale which appeared to the cameo and upgraded the level of transcendence has appeared.

Safety aircraft too spectacular # AirNZHobbit - YouTube

A couple running around the airport whether it seems to be behind airplanes. A woman in front is a New Zealand actressJaya · Beach · Robertson.

Men are actorsDaniel Creswell. Both of the moviesHobbit"I am wearing a hat with my fans.

I managed to sit down and saw the next seat ......

How, Frido Baggins role Elijah Wood,Baseball New Zealand national teamI will serve as general coach forNaoyuki ShimizuIt is an economy class seat.

Then, the in-flight safety video starts with a dazzling light from the monitor in front of you.

The surrounding space will be distorted.

In the meantime the surroundings of the couple changed to hobbitous scenery. The previous work was main in the airplane, but the sense of scale already differs from here already.

"Everyone,Middle-earthwelcome to"

An elf women's flight attendant began to explain.

Stop the incitement of the people and listen firmly.

It is strange to explain how to wear a belt as the vast medieval landscape spreads.

Baggage will be stored in front of the front seat. Dead leaves have fallen in large quantities on the floor, and ordinary air mails are complaints.

I started explaining the belt on a horse, I will serve as a feill in a three-part hobbit trialDean Ogoma.

The explanation itself is just a safe safety video, but ...

Since I explain how to open the belt on the horse, I do not know what video it was.

The scene changes, the woman of the couple of the previous time is drawing a bow.

Before the "Stone" and arrows were released, I played LadagasutoSylvester · McCoy.

I will explain the oxygen mask from where it is hanging.

When an oxygen mask falls from the air or from the ceiling of an airplane, it attracts to the face and applies a mask to the nose and mouth.

Even though the oak is on, it supplies oxygen equally.

Of a model artistRichard TaylorI'll wear a mask on to the appearance of oak is really surreal.

The film director who became a wizardTaika · WittyAnd the man is flying on a dangerous gigantic condor.

Meanwhile, how to deal with emergency situation is Zhennan.

I put my feet firmly on the floor, crouched as much as possible to make it a compact posture. If this condor falls, it seems that there is no point in whatever posture you take ... ....

Next is a life jacket lecture on a small bridge.

Remove it from the bag under the seat and wear it from the head.

When firmly wearing up, the men took out the ring as soon as "Momentarily ...".

I slipped my hand when I thought ......

I headed straight up to a far away river.

Here is the chance that life jacket is useful.

Pull out the red knob and ready when the bodice is swollen.

Bungee jump without hesitation seeking a ring!

Reach water with a fiercely splashed splash. What is it supposed to do?

Show off work that catches the ring sunk in the bottom with patchy.

If inflation is not enough, breathe in from the pipe OK.

It looks like it is full of inflation, but it has nothing to do with airplanes at all.

Although it is said that crews will bring life-saving bodysuits for infants, Elijah Wood sits on the seat why.

Smoking is prohibited, including electronic cigarette in the cabin.

Beside the man who threw away the harshly smoked kissel ......

To emit a blue lightTsukurakumaruIt was falling.

If the outside is dark when descending from the airplane, the soldiers will show a route with a torch, such as a guide light, as shown below.

Even if I look at it from the sky, I can see where I should go at a glance.

"Sometimes the nearest exit is backwards, it is good to count the number of rows from the seat to the emergency exit."

And the war begins.

Horde of soldiers climbing a hill.

A large amount of troops are gathered from all directions, and regardless of what they think, it is a scale of fly-flying that can not be thought of as "in-flight safety video".

When a man is shooting amazing sight with a smartphone ......

"Cut!" And director of Hobbit and Lord of the RingsPeter JacksonI cried out so I was surprised and my smartphone fell.

Why did such a thing because it was time to put the electronic equipment away.

For the Boeing 787 aircraft to board with New Zealand Airlines, it is said that it can always be used for palm-sized electronic equipment.

When taking off and landing, put electronic equipment in the pocket of the seat, hold firmly with hands, clean up in the chest pocket etc.

Large electronic devices like laptops should be in your baggage.

Functions that emit radio waves such as mobile data communication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. need to switch to in-flight mode.

If all the troops gathered in one place and think that intense battle will finally start ......

The performers began hugging with each other.

It is not a very battlefield atmosphere.

New Zealand flight attendants are also friendly to oak.

Finally, the leaders visited the battle with high touch with each other.

"Thank you very much for using New Zealand Airlines" Elijah Wood.

"May you be full of many happiness and adventure that develops in Middle-earth."

Elijah Wood who prayed for the safety of passengers passed the index finger through the ring that he had ... ...

"Pu" disappeared and the in-flight safety video ended.

movies"The Future of the Hobbit Final Battle"Will be released in Japan from December 13, 2014. The making movie of this "spectacular in-flight safety video" has also been released, and it can be seen from the following.

"A magnificent in-flight safety video" Making video # AirNZHobbit - YouTube

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