"Warcraft" trailer drawing a fantasy giant of the human and oak and making the transcendent popular game into the world all over the world

A real-time strategy game where people such as humans, oaks, dwarves, and elves appear in the fantasy world and war without the end of human beings and oaks is drawnWarcraft"Was made into a movie, and its trailer was released. In addition to the powerful image in which the orcs reproduced so far as to be too realistic, the romantic development that the human knight and the female oak fall in love also appeared in the trailer, and seems to be finished in the entertainment ultimate all entering .

Warcraft - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

A tower rising over lush ground.

Griffin that a man got on gets quiet.

"Something Comes Up"

"I feel it"

...... It is human undo in rotor.

The human city was struck by someone.

"The power of darkness is approaching"

A boy soldier who was injured in battle and became immovable.

It was a ferocious oak that stabbed the boy soldier.

Rotor trembling with anger.

Finally, the Order of the Oak has been ordered that "anything else to find the beast".

On the other hand, the world of orcs was in a state of devastation.

"Our world is dying"

"There is no need to go back here anymore."

"To survive"

The oak Durotan who says "I have no choice but to live here" is ahead of me ... ...

The world of the burned beef is spreading.

"I will protect this girl, no matter what."

It is Durotan decided so, but it seems that you are struggling from facial expressions.

A man who places an all - out war against the invasion of Oak.

Oak to challenge humans to protect species.

However, Gallona of a female oak trying to avoid worthless warfare "There is no need to fight".

There is also a militant faction oak who says "There is only war for the race."

Durotan who has doubts about the battle of humans and oaks tells us, "If human help is available, it may be possible to avoid fighting," he makes a certain decision.

Duroten headed ... ...

Human unit led by rotor.

"Why are you here?" Durotan answered, "It is to protect our race," and the two heros joined forces.

However, it is true that some human beings doubt Durotan as "Can we trust oak?"

Durotan can ride on a horse.

It is the rotor that runs with Durotan.

"They are weak, you should kill one person without leaving it."

But rotor will cooperate with Durotan.

Despite being uncontrollable, Durotan can kill his family's oak ....

The rotor pledges to Garona as "to protect".

A large army of humans who raises a smoke.

Army of orcs fighting to defend themselves.

With human children ... ...

Oak 's child. Can not two races coexist?

With humans ......

The orc fight's burn is now cut and dropped.

Is it oak to win?

Or is it a human?

Movie "Warcraft"

Warcraft will be released in European countries from May 26, 2016 and will be released in the USA on June 10. For publication in Japan, it is unknown at the time of article creation.

◆ 2015/12/21 20:45 Additional note
A Japanese version preview movie of the movie version "Warcraft" has been released. The publication in Japan is scheduled for summer 2016 as well as the English version.

"Warcraft" notice - YouTube

A bad power to approach the kingdom. You will be ordered to kill the oak, "Find the beast".

On the other hand, the world of orcs is going to be devastated, only to settle in the human world for the race to survive.

To survive humans and oaks, it is imperative to unite. However……

While there is a person saying "There is only war in oak" ...

Some also try to find other ways with human help. The world of orcs is divided into two, and they will fight each other.

Oak who came to see a human being.

Proposing to combine hands "to save races."

But Oak's proposal also has the opposite voice.

Unfortunately, the battle between humans and oaks begins.

A human being who talks to an oak woman, "Try to protect the kingdom with two people" by hands with a human. What on earth is this ...?

Voices accusing acts of betrayal

The battle which raises the total power starts.

The movie "Warcraft" which depicts the war without the end of human being and oak is scheduled for road show in early summer 2016.

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