Turkish Airlines produced in-flight safety videos in which characters of the movie 'Lego Movie 2' appear one after another

Turkish state-owned airline Turkish Airlines collaborated with the movie "Lego Movie 2" and produced in-flight safety videos that characters appear one after another.

Turkish Airlines: Safety Video with The LEGO Movie Characters - YouTube

"Hi, Hello! It's Emmet!" Emmet appeared in high tension from the barefoot.

And wild girls also appeared.

And the video will start with the pose of Kimame Kime with the two "Do not show flashy in-flight safety video!" Like in the movie, all the airplanes and people behind are made of Lego blocks.

Please carefully store your baggage on the overhead shelf.

"What's wrong!" "I thought, I'm sorry, a suitcase"

You can also store your luggage under the front seat.

Handbook wearing a seatbelt is also Lego Movie 2 specification.

Insert the buckle until "Kachach" sounds.

A belt for small children is prepared, so let me ask the cabin crew.

As soon as Wild Girl says, "Do not shy that making the character appear in a cabin safe video as a cameo ..." ...

"Who said" Cameo "?" Batman came out a little.

And with a rugged look, "Tobacco in the cabin is illegal, including electronic cigarette, even if you smoke in the toilet, it will not work as the detector works, so I do not think it will hide and suck in the wrong direction." I will.

All electronic equipment ...

Switch to airplane mode.

Batman is trying to sing a song with a microphone somehow. But Mike is getting picked up.

It is OK to use notebook PC etc ... ...

Please turn off all electronic equipment at takeoff and landing.

If the air pressure inside the machine drops sharply, the oxygen mask will come down from above.

Turn the belt to the head and pull on both ends to make it close to the face.

In this scene, Lloyd Garma Don appearing in Lego Ninja Go and Sir Gamadon who is his father are appearing as a cameo.

When Emmet says "It is a safe inside-the-house video that is not at all awesome at all!" ... ...

Now Uniqueities show up and show off music and dance.

But Batman intrudes. "I do not want to hear the songs of safe videos," he took out the radio cassette.

In addition the onboard safety video will continue. Superman appeared, explained the position of escape mouth in emergency ... ...

The evacuation escape route will be indicated by the light in this way. That person who is behind the ais ... ...?

When escaping from emergency, escape with your own body without having any baggage.

I escape out of the machine by sliding off the escape chute in order.

The life jacket to be worn when escaping is stored near the seat.

If you wear it from the head, tighten the belt and pull the string, it will float on the water swelling as "Pushu."

A life jacket for children is also available.

Here the green lantern appeared cameo. Since various characters appeared besides this, please try looking for those who are interested.

Finally, when you are in the landing posture, return the seat back and return the table to its original position ......

Let's also store the footrest.

Also return the screen to its original angle.

Pictograms and so on meaning various instructions are displayed on the plane, so let's obey the contents.

"Then, please enjoy a pleasant air travel"

At the end, it ends with the scene where the turkish airline plane made of LEGO fly. Even if I saw this in-flight safety video actually on an airplane, I was afraid I felt a bit worried that the contents came into my mind, but it was becoming a single one that I would like to follow.

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