We have been tasting 'Sauce Kutsu Don', a European restaurant with over 100 years of history at the head office

After opening in Tokyo's Waseda Tsurumaki (present Shinjuku-ku) in 1913, relocated to Fukui in 1923 when the Kanto Great Earthquake occurred, and the original shop of sauce-cut rice bowl that currently has 19 stores in the prefecture is "Europe"is. It is one of the specialty of Fukui prefecture in the signboard menu "Bowl of rice with saucerpans"Uses the original source of the formerly trained destination German and attracts many people for a long time. I went to a general head office on business trip to Hokuriku area this business trip.

European headquarters - TOP -

The address of the head office of the European headquarters is "1 - chome, Hitachi 1 - chome Fukui city Fukui prefecture 7-4"Fukui Railway Fuku lineIt is about 5 minutes on foot from the city hall station and it takes about 10 minutes on foot from JR Fukui Station.

Arrived in Europe.

Even in front of the shop, it appeals with sauce cutlet on rice.

Although many shops in Fukui prefecture can eat sauce-cut rice bowl, it seems that this shop has original commitment to sauce, breadcrumb and rice.

Although we did not have a queue, we were able to enter the store after waiting for about 5 minutes with the inside of the store full.

The inside of the store is a non-smoking, relatively new appearance.

It is often used for TV interview, and the sign of the entertainer was decorated.

Beside the cash register is a special katsu bowl sauce (420 yen including tax) · Extra fine pork bread crumbs (230 yen including tax) are also being sold.

There was a table seat on the first floor and it was full.

This time it was guided to the seat on the second floor, but I found an old sign that feels history on the way to the second floor.

The state of the store in the Showa 40's was adorned with photographs.

In addition to table seats on the 2nd floor, there is also a room for the room, making it friendly even for families.

Unlike the chair on the first floor, the chair on the second floor seems to be used quite a bit and makes me feel history.

Sitting at the table and watching the desk, salad and miso soup appeared on the saucepan don bowl.Pork cutlet set(1080 yen including tax) "discovered. I will place an order immediately.

Read the article of the Asahi Newspaper stuck on the menu table and wait for the arrival of Katsu bowl set meal.

Katsu bowl set meal arrived within 10 minutes. The burnt scented smell of sauce envelops the table.

The same thing as the single item menu is used for sauce-cut rice bowl of Katsu bowl set meal.

The sauce sauce seemed to pass through the freshly made bonito, it smelled a little and smelled fragrant.

Three tonkatsu are on, the thickness is 8 mm and it is thinner than usual one.

The size of the pork cutlet was about a little smaller than that of the iPhone 6.

First of all, trying to eat from the cut which the source soaked in, the deliciousness and sweetness of the sauce and the burning fragrance are exquisite, and fine breadcrumbs do not make it breathtaking though the sauce is sticking to the thin breadcrumbs Good texture of crispy is good. Because the thickness of the cutlet is about half the size of an ordinary tonkatsu, the taste of the sauce inevitably becomes stronger than the meat, but the salinity was never too dark, and it was well-balanced.

It goes without saying that compatibility of rice crushed with sauce and rice is satisfactory, but chopsticks advance rapidly even if you eat only with spoiled sauce of sauce. Kiryu, Maebashi, Komagane, Ichinoseki, Aizuwakamatsu, Kofu etc. also have a shop selling sauce cutlet, but Fukui sauce cutlet rice does not seem to put raw cabbage on bowl.

Since the sauce is attached separately, people who want to make more taste better if they should eat with more sauce.

The cut itself does not have plenty of lean body, but the salad is exactly good for refreshing the mouth. The mayonnaise attached to the salad did not get into it.

To the end, Katsu rice bowl serving as a main ingredient of sauce-cut rice bowl, the taste of miso soup was not so dense there and it was rash. Although I feel that the price of 1080 yen including tax is somewhat higher, it is a price which can be convinced if it thinks of quality.

The opening hours of the European headquarters are from 11 o'clock to 20 o'clock and Tuesday is a regular holiday. There are branches in Tsuruga city and Sakai city in Fukui prefecture, so if you go to Fukui prefecture you will not lose once you eat.

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