"DETEKT" that anyone can easily discover spyware monitoring free PC inside

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In 2013Exposure problem of NSA surveillance systemAlthough it became a hot topic, it is getting rid of everyone that "PCs are being monitored with spyware unnoticed" by themselves. Monitoring spyware makes it possible to steal e-mails, watch Skype calls, remotely control webcams, etc. However, it is a free tool that instantly scans for spyware on PCs But"DETEKT"is.

Resist Surveillance

Governments around the world including Japan use spyware for citizen surveillanceIt is said that it is difficult for amateurs to discover cleverly laid out monitoring spyware.

To use "DETEKT", click "Download Detekt" at the bottom of the website.

When the GitHub page opens, click "detekt.exe".

Click the downloaded icon.

Click "Execute".

Click "Scan now!". Languages ​​can be changed to Amharic, Arabic, English, German, Italian, Spanish.

In addition, the reason why "WARNING!" Is displayed at the top when starting up is that spyware is monitoring offline information in real time via a net connection, so it is better to go offline. So it is recommended that you disconnect the Internet connection.

Results were displayed in about 30 seconds. "There is no problem as far as we can not confirm the existence of spyware, but it does not necessarily mean that the PC you are using is clean, so if you have strong doubts please ask for expert assistance That thing.

When spyware is detected, it seems that "DANGER!" Appears as follows.

If the spyware is detected, the countermeasure is "disconnect the PC's Internet connection now, remove the USB memory, external HDD, etc. and bring it to the expert." Detekt 's website also has a public key and an expert' s e - mail address.

In addition, "DETEKT" is targeted by government spyware for monitoringHuman rights defender- It is a tool created for people such as journalists, NGO organizations, political enemies, religious leaders and ethnic minorities, but anyone can use it for free.

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