When you enter your birthday, you can compare the "Age Comparison Chart" that can be organized into tables with "Who and when was your age?"

"Because it is impossible to calculate the current age of a character with the work of a system with creation or chronology, we made a tool that can be made into a table if we have a date of birth and a reference dateSo, if you enter your birthday, a free tool that will organize the table "Who was old and how old were you?"Age comparison table"@ M_ yamakawaCreated and released to you.

Age comparison table

How to use is easy, first enter the name and date of birth of the person or character you want to display on the table like this.

Add a check mark if you want to add the person or character you want to display ......

Name and date of birth are also added.

Enter the name and date of birth of the person who wants to arrange it in such a table. You can enter up to 5 people.

Next, enter the "reference date" for comparing people who entered their birth date "When was you age?" At the point of reference date you entered, "How old were the people who entered" is displayed in the table.

Click "Calculate!" When you are done.

And the outputted table is kore. As shown in the table like this, the flow of time and comparison will be improved.

It is okay to make a table with new and old soccer Japan national team players ......

It is okay to arrange animation and cartoon characters.

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