Possibility to predict goals and assistance by analyzing the face of a soccer player

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in 2014, Google analyzed the big data, predicted the match resultI tried all the victories and defeats of the first round in the finals tournamentAlthough there were things, research results showing the possibility to predict the goal and foul by analyzing the data of the player's face this time are announced.

Facial structure predicts goals, fouls among World Cup soccer players | University of Colorado Boulder

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder used the facial-width-to-height ratio (also known as fWHR) for predicting performance in soccer players' games. FWHR is the value obtained by dividing "the width of the face just under the eyebrows" by "the length from under the eyebrows to the top of the lip", and in 2013 the research group of the University of EdinburghInvestigate the value of fWHR of Fusa omasalarusAs a result, it turned out that there was a certain law between the value of fWHR and Fusa omalidus taking leadership.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder surveyed the fWHR of about 1,000 players from 32 countries participating in the FIFA World Cup held in 2010. According to the survey results, among the forward players playing the position closest to the goal and the midfielder who plays a role in both defense and defense, the higher the value of fWHR is, the higher the possibility of committing a foul and the higher the fWHR The tendency to determine assist and goal was recognized.

A face with a low fWHR value on the left, and a face with a high fWHR value on the right.

Previous studies found that the higher the value of fWHR, the more aggressive behavior will be taken. However, both anti-social and illogical behaviors of offenders and actions when corporate CEOs decide on new projects are quite aggressive, even though they are completely different things. The results of the survey conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder also suggest that both "committing a foul" and "deciding a goal" are behaviors related to aggressiveness, which is why it is considered that there is some relationship between the value of fWHR and aggressiveness It is said that.

On the other hand, research results have also been reported in which there is no relationship between the value of fWHR and aggressiveness, but according to the research result of the University of Colorado Boulder, the view that it is related to the value of fWHR and aggressiveness became stronger It seems to have come.

BySteve Evans

Keith Welker, who led the survey, said, "We discovered that in the sport of football, where active performance is essential, the higher the fWHR, the stronger the positive playing trend will be, so why is the fWHR We are planning to study how the two elements are related, whether it takes aggressive behavior if the value is high. "

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