I tried making soup & curry with the second recipe which is supposed to be able to enjoy the taste of soup stock Tokyo easily at home

Make a delicious soup that makes use of the taste of the material by spending time and effort without using umami seasonings and preservativesSoup Stock Tokyo(Soup stock TOKYO) taste can be reproduced at homeRecipe bookThe second volume of "How to make soup of Soup Stock Tokyo 2 Everyday soup story"is. The first bullet was to be able to feel how much trouble Soup Stock Tokyo's soup took and to make delicious soup not at home level so the second bulletin titled "Daily Soup Hen" I actually made it to see what it looks like.

We will publish recipe book "How to make soup of Soup Stock Tokyo 2 ~ everyday soup version ~" on October 30 (Wed) | Soup Stock Tokyo

This is "How to Make Soup Stock Tokyo's Soup 2 - Daily Soup Version ~"

All 95 pages, thickness is about this.

This is the table of contents. The recipe is "Chapter 1: Soup stocking time" "Chapter 2: Soup to incorporate the grace of the season into the body" Chapter 3: Soup to organize the body "Chapter 4: Dishes to spend a rich time with friends" "Everyday with soup" and "Basic for cooking". In the last recipe book where the way of making osumoru shrimp bisque etc. which is a signboard menu was released, it started from the place "Where is the head of shrimp prawn selling ???", but this time it is more familiar It is the impression that the soup is lining up.

As with the previous recipe book "Tbsp 1 = 15cc" at the end of the table of contents "meaning" If you have "if you like" "As for the seasoning, although the amount to be a guide is noted, always cook Please verify with your tongue at the end of "Please prepare the taste." There was a notation rule written so that novice beginners would not be troubled.

So I will look at the contents of the recipe. First of all, "Milpowa Stock" which stirs flavor vegetables with oil from "Chapter 1: Soup stocking time"

How to make is with photos and kind. Since Milpowa stock is frozen for about 3 weeks, if you make a lot and frozen it will be handy when you make hamburger, meat sauce, curry etc. besides soup.

With this Milpowa stock, it is also possible to make Chiriconkane or Ratatouille curry, which seems to be laborious at first glance, without trouble or time.

"Chapter 2: Soup that incorporates the grace of the season into the body" introduces recipes using seasonal ingredients in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Also in "Chapter 3: Soup to Organize Yourself", it matches the state of one's own body such as "After meat meals continued" "To prevent colds" "The next morning of a hangover" "Stress is accumulated" It is possible to make soup.

Recipes that seemed kind to the body such as Sanma's broth soup were lining up. When you have a cold, first search the Internet for hangover food, search the recipe, and then let's make it Now it's pretty good to choose recipes from the physical condition.

"Chapter 4: Cooking for spending a rich time with fellows" does not just introduce how to cook, but from the preparations of the previous day until the end of the party, tips for preparation and time allocation are stated , A unique chapter.

There are things to do before the day and what to do in the morning are written, so it does not mean that "I have to prepare a lot of dishes, I can not make it in time by mistake!" Very convenient That's right.

As a party dish, not only soup but also recipes such as vegetables and frit and 4 kinds of cheese pizza were released.

In "Everyday with soup", introduce "Musical one noodle menu" that can be made as quickly as possible to spare "meal time" wealthy because of busyness.

"Basics of cooking" explains cooking tips and cooking utensils and containers to be arranged.

There was also described how to make basic soup stocks such as "chicken stock" "kelp bonito soup" "dried scallop," "hoji-cha bonito dashi".

◆ boiled boiled stock
So I will actually make a soup written in the book. Contrary to the last time I made delicious soup by spending time and labor, I made soup using "cattle stewed boiled stock" from "Chapter 1: stocking time" from wanting to make a short cut as much as possible to watch. First of all, in order to make "bull steamed boiled stock" which is the base, 1 kg of cow streaks and 3 slices of ginger sliced ​​are prepared.

Beef streak 1kg is this amount. Because it is pretty heapy, you should be able to make a lot of stocks and create shortcuts.

First of all, put 1 kg of beef straw and ginger in a pressure cooker and pour 1000 cc of water.

When water is boiled, it will come out, so it gets stuck firmly.

When you get off, apply a pressure with a lid. Especially because it was not designated as a recipe book, this time we heated it with low heat for 20 minutes with the "strong" pressure of 2 stages, like when making beef stew.

After 20 minutes, inside the pan is like this. There is considerable fat floating.

Next is the task of separating boiled beef streaks from soup.

Like this.

Cool down for a while to separate the soup and beef tallow. When cooled in a refrigerator, it became a clean two layers.

Beef tallow looks creamy enough to be heard as "any sweets?" I will separate this from the soup.

This completes boiled squirrel soup, beef tallow and beef stew. As a guide for preservation is refrigerated 2 days, frozen about 3 weeks so please put in plastic containers and zip lock etc for frozen storage if you do not use immediately.

◆ Vietnamese style soup with beef stew and watercress
"If you can make boiled stewed boiled stock and you make soup, you will only throw in the ingredients," thinking carefully the recipe of "Vegetable soup with cattle sushi and watercress" Konbu bonito soup (p89) ". I think that it is no problem even if you use a commercially available granule soup, but we will take soup according to page 89 of "Soup Stock Tokyo," which is a sticking soup, here in the book "Cooking Basics" described in the book. First of all we prepare 15 g of kelp and 12 g of bonito.

Take the dirt off with a firmly squeezed cloth and remove the kelp cut into 5 to 6 cm square to 1000 cc of water for about 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, heat it for 10 minutes with a low heat.

Stop the fire just before boiling, take out the kelp from the hot water and take the access.

Once made a high heat and boil, put the bonito in.

When the movement of the bonito becomes quiet, stop the fire, spread the kitchen paper in the bamboo shell, and sprinkle bonito.


I prepared a konbu bonito soup, and finally I was ready to make a Vietnamese soup of beef stew and watercress. Prepare watercress · radish · ginger · garlic · salt · sugar · fish sauce · boiled beef · boiled soup · pepper · pepper etc and start cooking.

First of all, I poured radish, boiled beef, boiled beef soup and kelp bonito soup stock into a pot. Heat with medium heat and let fire through the radish.

If the radish passes, sugar, ginger, garlic ......

Put the fish sauce and simmer for a further 2-3 minutes.

Cool down once and let the whole taste blend, then heat again with medium heat, put watercress. Once you boil down, taste it with salt.

That's it. It took time to spend the boiled boiled stock · Kombu bonito soup, but if it was even prepared it would be a fairly simple soup with just throwing in ingredients and simmering, the journey time is around 20 minutes. It was easy to be eaten as breakfast instead of dinner.

However, when drinking the soup, there is a richness of the cow streak while assassing, and it is quite deep taste. Because I do not use the beef tallow that I got when making a boiled boiled stock, there is no foodiness or greasiness although there is meat response to eating. I thought that there are likes and dislikes because I am using fish sauce, but since it is based on kelp bonito soup stock, it is more comfortable in Japanese atmosphere, even people who do not like ethnic food are easy to drink.

Umauma is also stained in radish.

If the soup made at home also contains dawn and big meat lumps. Because watercress is abundant in calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C and minerals, it is possible to eat well-balanced meal while clinging soft beef fillet meat. It was said that fresh watercress in the recipe book was strong in fragrance, so the more fresh the material seems to be, the more refined the taste will be.

Even if you put pepper in topping, accent is good with taste. Soup stock Tokyo soup is basically like a stateless atmosphere, so this soup was very "tasty" taste. Although it is heating relatively quickly this time, it can be imagined that if you cook boiled stew and boiled radish further taste will become stingy and it will be delicious, it is also good to make a large amount and see the change of taste. It became an irresistible soup for cattle streak lover.

◆ Japanese style curry striped Japanese curry
The next menu using bovine streaks boiled stock is "Japanese style curry of cow streaks." Like Vietnamese soup, we needed to make chicken stock besides cattle stewed boiled stock, so we will first make chicken stock using white pepper of chicken, wing chicken and hall.

If you boil water, leave meat in it all.

What this is doing is work of accessing. I will throw away this hot water, so let's not boil it too much.

If you can get rid of the meat with running water, remove the feathers and blood remaining in the chicken wings.

Once you put the meat in a pot, pour 3000 cc of water. The amount of chicken stock that can be made with this recipe is 1000 cc, so it means that considerable moisture evaporates.

Put a white pepper in the whole whole not shattered ... ...

Boil over medium heat for 40 to 50 minutes.

Do not forget to take access.

When the wing chunks become so soft that they can be loosened by hands, put the kitchen paper in a monkey and sprinkle the soup.

The chicken stock is ready now.

So, it was finally ready, so we made curry. I use a lot of materials such as boiled beef stew, beef streak soup, beef tallow, chicken stock, onion, apple, white onion, konnyaku, ginger, garlic, tomato paste, yoghurt and so on.

First of all, add beef tallow in the pot.

Put grated garlic and ginger and fry until fragrant.

Throw onion onion there.

After stir-frying for 20 minutes at medium heat until it turns brown ... ...

Boiled beef stew

Then add lightly crushed konnyaku with hands and gently stir it.

This time curry using curry powder, cumin, coriander, without using marketable roux.

So I will put the above combined powder in a pot.

Stir fry for 1-2 minutes with a low heat until it gets a scent.

There, cattle streak soup, grated, apple · chicken stock ... ...

Add tomato paste and simmer for about 15 minutes.

It has become quite curryy.

Next time I draw salad oil in another frying pan and burn brown on white onion cut to about 2 cm.

I put this in a pot, and even more until the white onion becomes soft.

Finally, if you adjust the taste with salt · soy sauce · fresh cream · bonito etc ... ...


As soon as I tried it, there was spicyness that the jiwiwaiwa body became hot after eating, although there was sweetness of the apple. There are only a few bowl streak soup and chicken stocks made from 1, but there is firmness, but there is no feeling that a bed rests in the mouth like a commercially available curry, it tastes flavored after a while. The balance of sweetness, hotness, richness and taste is exquisite, slightly different from usual curry, it is like atmosphere like restaurant and cafe.

I feel strange when I say Konjac in curry, but the compatibility is good unexpectedly. Combination like beef sushi, konnyaku and green onions was definitely drawing out the aspect of Japanese style.

As this recipe was "Daily Soup Hen", I thought that it was easy to make soup, there at Soup Stock Tokyo, "A recipe that you can drink delicious soup even in daily life if you prepare hard in advance" It has become familiar with "It's important to sharpen human's things ... ...." However, the taste of the soup or curry that you made is a bit different from what you usually make at home, and if you like cuisine, it is worth trying. Also, in addition to introducing recipes tailored to the physical condition, since it has been explained carefully to the basic way of taking out and the necessary cooking utensils carefully, it is also a book that you can recommend for beginners and those who start living alone from this It was.

In addition, "How to make soup of Soup Stock Tokyo 2 Everyday soup version" can be purchased with Amazon 1512 yen including tax.

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