Concerts where cello players perform duet with their own "brain"

Using EEGcommunicationTo takeAutomobileYaairplaneAlthough studies are progressing, there is a concert that Celllist does not understand well what he / she plays a melody by controlling his / her brain wave and playing cello according to that melody.

Cellist Katinka Kleijn Plays With Her Brain - Business Insider

Brain'sNeurons (neurons)Information is transmitted using electric signals. This electric signal recorded by the electrode installed on the head is "ElectroencephalogramIn general, it is known to have a frequency of 0 to 30 Hz.

As it is known that the brain wave changes according to the sleep cycle, different brain waves appear depending on the human mental state and emotion, and you can control brain waves to some extent by meditating and changing breathing methods . And by using a program called Max / MSP, it is possible to detect brain waves from the brain wave headset and reproduce it as a sound that can be heard by humans. In other words, if you are trained to control brain waves, you can use Max / MSP to play music.

However, even if it is possible to play music using brain waves, it is extremely difficult to play instruments according to that music. Because the brain is activated by listening to music, if you hear the music played at Max / MSP with your own ear, the brain wave will change due to the influence,The act of playing an instrument itself also activates the brainBecause it is inevitably affected by EEG if you try to accompany it.

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Taking the cello in consideration of the influence on the brain waves by listening to the sound playing with the brain with ears and playing instruments with accompaniment, with a cellist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with a concert of "to collaborate with EEG sound" is thereKatinka KleinWas held in 2013.

The state of collaboration with this brain wave of my first world can be confirmed in the following movie.

Intelligence on Vimeo

Klein wearing a headset to detect brain waves at the head.

Staff who looks at the state of brain waves.

I put a bow on cello strings.

An audience watching the state of the performance.

Klein who moves the bow in small steps. While concentrating on the nerve, it seems to be tuning instruments and own brain waves.

In the concert venue, Klein's spirit condition was prepared to let the audience know the four states of relaxation (blue) · concentration (green) · excitement (yellow) · frustration (red).

A crowd drinking breath.

After tuning around 3 minutes and 20 seconds, Klein closes his eyes and unifies the spirit.

Attention also attracted the audience.

And the performance starts from 3 minutes and 40 seconds of the movie. A duet with an electroencephalogram is performed while playing a gentle tone.

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