How does music playing affect the brain?

Recent studies of brain science have revealed that brain science research can increase thinking ability by playing musical instruments, retard aging and prevent dementia. I will explain the effectiveness of instrument performance from the brain activation.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins - YouTube

There has been active research on the influence of music on the brain among brain scientists since ancient times

Invented several decades agoFMRIWith the introduction of the device called, it became possible to see the activity state of the human brain in real time, and the research of the brain came at a stroke.

By research using fMRI, when reading a book ... ...

It was revealed that brain areas activated by activities are different such as when calculating.

And when we looked at the brain when listening to music with fMRI ......

It turned out that the whole brain became very activated as if sparks flew over a surprisingly wide range.

Furthermore, brain scientists not only when listening to music but also looking at how the brain works when playing instruments ... ...

When playing a musical instrument, the brain works like a whole body exercise ... ...

It also became clear that the brain was processing amazingly much information at the same time.

And, it turned out that the brain area related to Visual (visual) · Auditory (auditory) · Motor (muscle exercise) becomes particularly active even while the whole brain is activated at the same time.

What is worth noting is that when you are playing music and when you are listening to music it is greatly different that the signal transmission of the brain is also active when you play.

The brain is divided into the left brain and the right brain, and each role is thought to be different.

For example, the mathematical thinking is done by the left brain and the creative activity is done by the right brain.

In relation to this the performance of the instrument,Corpus callosumIt has great involvement in the activity of the site called the.

In other words, by playing instruments, the corpus callosum which connects the right brain / left brain will be trained, and it will be able to smoothly perform the role of both the right brain and the left brain.

In addition, the ability of the brains of musical instruments to associate various elements is developed.

"Memory" is the fact that this associating power works greatly.

Taking out the musician's memory file ......

Various related information is tagged to the event to memorize. Thanks to this, people who play instruments can organize their memory well and quickly find and find the information they want when they want it.

Activation of the brain obtained by musical instruments is thought to be greater than any other activity. For example, for a randomly chosen person ...

Initially, the brain that was similarly level of activation ... ...

I know that even if a selected person learns what kind of instruments it equally activates the brain to the utmost.

Expecting the effect on the mental side In recent years, the training which adopted the music performance which started was useful for understanding the function of music other than the mental face.

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