Specification information of Xperia's next flagship "Xperia Z4" leaks as early as possible

A new flagship model of smartphone made by Sony Mobile Communications "Xperia Z3" will be released from late October 2014 to the end of NovemberNTT docomo·Au·SoftBank mobileAlthough it is planned to be released from the three companies, at the present stage as early as the next term model "Xperia Z4"Spec information is missing.

Sony Xperia Z4 Specs Leaked, No More Bi-Annual Flagship Releases [EXCLUSIVE]

(SR4) First curved sensor for the Xperia Z3X and the New RX FF (on market in 2015). | Sonyalpharumors

As reliable information obtained from related sources,AndroidOriginHas released the specs of Xperia Z4. According to this information, the Xperia Z4 is equipped with the 64-bit SoC's Snapdragon 810 (2.8 GHz quad core), the memory capacity finally reaches 4 GB and finally the maximum communication speed of 300 Mbps is realized corresponding to the first LTE category 6 of the Xperia series It is expected to be released in March 2015. In addition, the design has not changed significantly from Xperia Z3.

In addition to Xperia Z4, Sony also has "Xperia Z3X"It is rumored to develop a model with camera performance comparable to that of a single-lens digital camera called" Flagship Fabret "Xperia Z UltraIt was seen as a successor to the model. However, according to information obtained from AndroidOrigin sources, "Xperia Z3X does not exist".

The Xperia Z3X is equipped with a lens on the huge back, and it was expected that such a shooting style like a digital camera could be done like this.

Sony "Xperia ZSince then, we have adopted aggressive strategy to make flagship model appear rapidly every half year, but this policy is to be converted, so the Xperia Z4 will be the only flagship model to appear in 2015 It is AndroidOrigin reports. This is thought to be because the performance improvement of smartphones is in saturation and it is difficult to expect innovative performance upgrades and the appearance of new functions in a short span of six months, making it attractive product creation difficult I will.

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