Official movie that Microsoft explains why Surface Pro 3 should be chosen instead of MacBook Air

Microsoft compares movie "Surface Pro 3" and "MacBook Air"3 more openIn addition, Microsoft has answered the question of the customer The hashtag "# AskAnswerDesk" answers the question "I tell you why Surface Pro 3 is better than Macbook Air!" As a movie.

# AskAnswerDesk: Why get a Surface Pro 3 instead of a Mac? - YouTube

Microsoft Store (@ MicrosoftStore) Hashtag "#AskAnswerDesk" that answers questions about Microsoft products in official Twitter account

The question of this time is "My daughter wants a Mac, but parents want to use Surface, can you tell me the sales point of Surface?"

"There is no doubt that our answer will be of help to you, High Five to a smart mother who chose Surface!"

"Even if you purchase a MacBook Air, you get only a notebook terminal, so if you buy Surface Pro 3, you get tablets as well as notebooks."

"And it also comes with very capable digital pens"

"A pen is attached to every product, it is possible to take notes and draw pictures"

"The full HD display is perfect for viewing movies and TV dramas, because the weight is about 1 kg, which is thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air, you can take it anywhere, since more and more wonderful features will continue to increase, Please do it! "That means the movie is over.

On the official page of Surface there is also a more detailed comparison between MacBook Air and Surface Pro 3, and there are also other Surface Pro 3 that Office Suite can run crisply, a 5 million pixel camera on the front and back 1 It is cited that there is one thing at a time. Since it is a convenient point to reply to things you do not understand about Microsoft products with "#AskAnswerDesk", the official account of the Microsoft store in Japan (@MSStore_JP) I also want you to correspond.

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