An air race like the Star Wars will be played by Drone

High stability and freedom of flight enabled multi-copterDroneHowever, like a one scene of the movie "Star Wars", a movie about which drones fly around between trees is released.

Drone racing star wars style Pod racing are back!

A number of drone sorted. Its shape and size vary.

Participants carefully coordinating.

This aircraft, the rotor is three tricot.

Small cameras are attached to the aircraft with handmade feeling.

Each aircraft line up on the start table ......

The race started! It is the place where you want me to feel the power of watching the movie by seeing the state of the powerful force of flying as if sending woodlands at high speed.

Tilt the control stick forward and backward and left and right with both hands and steer. In order to be able to make fine adjustments, we operate by hanging with a strap from the neck.

In addition we wear something like goggles in the eyes. The images captured by the aircraft's camera are sent in real time,FPV environment(First Person View: First Person Viewpoint). I am flying as if I were flying.

This pilot is monitored by liquid crystal display.

Do not despise, the image of power will be transmitted through the screen.

Everyone seems to be building each monitoring environment.

Arrow that shows course on course.

In the movie, there are four aircraft fighting each other.

When the tail glows red, it appears as if it appears in the movie "Star Wars"Pod racerIt looks like one scene.

The race is over. They taught me a flight with my friends.

Multicopter performance is progressing on a daily basis. As a next step of obtaining stable flight, development has been undertaken to apply it to various uses, and you can see how the cargo is raised and lowered in the following movie.

Trajectory Generation and Control for a Quadrotor with a Cable-Suspended Payload

Also,Linux FoundationIs the center of the open source project to develop basic software for Drone "Dronecode Project"Has been launched. Manufacturers from around the world and more than 1000 developers are working on the development of multi-copiers and airplanes, and it seems that there is no doubt that drones will further develop in the future.

Home | Dronecode

Although the venue where Drone flew freely at the beginning, this is a private property that gained permission to occupy for racing, of course, paying respect to the member who worked and "NoComp StadiumWhat is named. It is a flight in the forest where trees line up, and it seems that the time zone in which flight is possible is separated from 12 o'clock noon to 14 o'clock noon.

NoComp Stadium - FPV PASSION

It is a drawn race that seems to be well-accepted as entertainment if the situation is set, but will it be the day to show spreading in Japan as well?

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