A flying taxi "Vahana" succeeded for the first flight, eVTOL aircraft manufacturer · Airbus development

European aircraft maker Airbus has been developing at the front line "A³" (A · cubic) located in the Silicon Valley of the USA Aircraft equipped with eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) performance "VahanaIt was announced that the first successful test flight on the actual machine was successful. In the future, more specific examination will be conducted to realize actual service.

Vahana, the Self-Piloted, eVTOL aircraft from A³ by Airbus, Successfully Completes First Full-Scale Test Flight A³

Airbus Vahana flying car has flown for the first time

Vahana is an airplane with a total of eight sets of rotors, with two blades in front and behind in a compact airframe. The wings are designed to rotate 90 degrees and take off and land perpendicularly like a helicopter, and in the sky it is possible to fly at high speed by laying down the wings.

I can understand that size feeling when there are people nearby. The aircraft size is 5.7 meters long, 6.2 meters wide, 2.8 meters high, with takeoff weight of 745 kg.

This test flight became the first flight after 2 years development period. The flight time was 53 seconds, and the aircraft was fully automatic and could rise up to 16 feet (about 5 meters) high.

Unfortunately the image of what this flight was like is not released at the moment, but in the concept movie created by A³, it actually operates as a "flying taxi" with people on board An image is drawn.

Vahana - Passenger Experience on Vimeo

Vahana, "Flying Taxi", can book a boarding from a smartphone.

Vahana is getting on and off at a take-off and landing facility called "Vertiport" inside the city. When a woman who made a reservation from a smartphone is waiting ......

Vahana came from the sky.

Vahana slowly landed like a drone. At this time, with the eight rotors facing upward, they descend vertically like a helicopter and land.

After landing, the canopy of the carcass part will open and you will be able to board the car.

Flight route is automatically set so that flight route with other Vahana will not bat.

When the passenger gets into the seat ......

Safety check is carried out fully automatically, preparations for takeoff are advanced. Vahana is a flying taxi flying in an unmanned situation, so the pilot is not on board.

Take off. It fly off to the destination.

Even when obstacles such as birds appear on the route, Vahana can automatically detect and avoid it.

During the flight, it is designed to tilt the rotor forward, to increase the speed and head towards the destination.

In this test flight, we have completed takeoffs and landings as an initial test and simple flight, and in the future tests etc. will be scheduled to move between two distant points.

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