Twitter launches a service that allows you to remit money to individuals without detailed account information

ByHank Mitchell

Make money transfer or settlement with smartphoneserviceThere are already various types, but from 10th 14th (Tue) 2014, a service that can remit money by just posting tweets on Twitter will start in France.

French bank, Twitter team up for money transfers via tweets | Reuters

Groupe BPCE, the first banking group to launch a payment solution enabling users to simply 'Tweet' money to one another - BPCE Group

The service called S-money was realized through a tie-up with Twitter from megabank BPCE in France.A new function "Buy now" that you can shop just by tapping on Twitter several timesWas announced in September, but this is another thing, S - money makes it possible for individuals to remit money to individuals without going to the bank or entering account information. Although details have not been released yet, BPCE publicity said that the service is "perfectly compatible with the experience on Twitter".


Payment Analyst Andrew Copeman said about Twitter 's new service, "Twitter has been mainly focused on connecting users to each other rather than verifying identity or making payments.Twitter only It seems that it was a partnership with a bank because it is difficult to make payment service by force, while banks use Twitter and other social networking tools as marketing tools and tools to extend the mobile banking market I am watching it. " There is also a view that Twitter is trying to demonstrate the value of a network as an advertising platform, as Facebook has increased users by as much as 35% this year compared to 17% for Twitter users.

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