Mobile information terminal "Touch 7" equipped with touch panel with one hand size developed 22 years ago

PDA"Personal Digital Assistant" stands for a terminal that implements many functions like a PC, and in 1992 Mr. John Scully, then CEO of Apple at the time,Apple NewtonThe words from when I announced it are based. Smartphones such as iPhone and Android, which are now selling to hundreds of millions of units worldwide, can be said to be "a modern evolution with PDA equipped with phone function and music player function", but this smartphone's A motion movie of PDA which is a distant ancestral existence is published on YouTube.

The PDA introduced in the movie was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1992Star 7'Prototype. The terminalSPARCBased on wireless PDA, touch panel is carried. This terminal operates in a programming language called Oak, and this Oak is later called "JavaThe point that should be noticed is that it has changed the name.

The Star7 PDA Prototype - YouTube

A PDA packed with state-of-the-art technologies developed at the time as a part of the "Green Project" started in the early 1990s was "Star 7". This uncle suddenly appeared in the movie is James Goslin who is the creator of Java and he seems to explain various things about Star 7.

PDA's Star 7 this will fit in one hand size.

Looking from the side this way. With a thickness that can not be thought of with modern smartphones, it is not a size that goes into pants of pants very muchBendingThere is no need to worry about.

Since the display is equipped with a touch panel, you can operate the terminal by touching the screen like a smartphone or tablet.

Antenna for receiving wireless network of 900 MHz band is kore.

PCMCIA card slot on antenna back.

There are two speakers on the bottom.

And this is SPARC attached to the motherboard.

I started Star 7 where I looked at the exterior carefully. The starting sound is a reminiscent of somewhere "Tillin" of treble.

The screen starts ......

A house appeared after a while.

Furthermore, it is a Java mascot characterDukeWill also appear.

This screen looks like a home screen, and each display with fingers works correspondingly to that.

For example, when you tap the house displayed on the home screen, the house moves with the guyari.

If you press and hold for a while ......

You can move in the house.

Since the previous screen is displayed at the lower right of the screen ......

Tap this.

Then you can go back to the previous screen.

Next you tap the room in the house.

Then it moved to the inside of the room.

Scrolling through the room ......

I found TV and VCR.

Tap TV to try ... ...

I moved to a mystery screen. Apparently this is a function for remotely controlling the TV with Star 7, the illustration of the note is the volume of the TV, and the sun mark is for adjusting the brightness of the TV screen.

Swipe the screen vertically ...

You can also see things other than volume and brightness can be operated remotely.

Tap the magazine back in the room and placed in front of the TV.

Then a program guide appears.

Tap the magnifying glass icon on the upper left of the screen ......

It is possible to zoom in and out of the screen.

Furthermore, since the date is written at the top of the screen ......

Swipe this.

Then you will be transformed into a program table of other dates.

Furthermore, if you tap Duke which is sitting on the left end of every screen ... ...

That's why you can instantly access your favorite features.

Besides, it seems that it was possible to share messages written on the screen with multiple Star 7 friends.

I am surprised by the extraordinary size of the sound "Vienna" which sounds when tapping and dragging the icon, and I am surprised that touch operations can be done brilliantly in this terminal 22 years ago.

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