Experimental trial movie of Smartphone with Firefox OS is on YouTube

A new OS for smartphones that Mozilla is developing, formerly called Boot 2 GeckoFirefox OSThe actual machine of the smartphone equipped with CES 2013 appears to be able to touch and try, and the movie "I tried touching" is released on YouTube.

Boot 2 Gecko (Firefox Phone OS) Demonstration at CES 2013 - YouTube

Tap the unlock icon in the lower right on the lock screen ......

Go to home screen.

There are 4 icons horizontally and 5 vertically so that the main functions are aligned in the bottom four. The balloon icon on the left end is ...

Messenger (SMS)

Icon like thumbs up in the lower right ... ...


Camera UI looks something like this

Try moving a lot of software ... ...

Try checking traffic volume.

Basically I get similar explanations, but sometimes I will show you different screens.

Firefox OS preview - YouTube

This is a menu when the power button is held down for a long time, four modes of airplane mode and silent mode, restart, power off.

The gallery screen ......

Pictures are crowded.

This is another movie by another person.

Firefox OS @ CES 2013 - YouTube

It seems that the OS which can be used with a feeling similar to Android, such as a search window (search widget) like being displayed at the top.

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