Top executives of companies selling the best app for stalking and DV will be arrested


InvoCodeCEO was arrested as "selling spyware useful for stalkers and DV perpetrators". The name of spyware sold by InvoCode is "StealthGenieBy using this, it is possible to intercept communication with the outside using the target phone, mail, video, and other mobile terminals without being detected by security software or the like.

Spyware executive arrested, allegedly marketed mobile app for "stalkers" | Ars Technica

The US federal prosecution arrested Pakistani Hammad Akbar (31 years old) in Los Angeles on September 27, 2014. The allegations were to illegally sell spyware that can intercept communications carried out by other people's mobile phones and can monitor the contents of calls and mails.IndictmentAccording to Akbar, Akbar will be the "first" arrestor by advertising and selling spyware targeting adults.

Leslie Caldwell, Federal Justice Deputy Secretary, said, "Selling spyware is not just a" criticism "but a crime, and StealthGenie is a crime, selling spyware is also a crime, and StealthGenie says" "I want to know about" and clearly intended to use it by those who think that "I talk in the statement.

StealthGenie is a spyware that runs on a smartphone such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, etc. Actual installation procedure is published on YouTube. As you can see from the installation procedure, you need to actually operate the target mobile phone to install the application.

StealthGenie iPhone Installation Guide Video - YouTube

The movie shows what you can do with StealthGenie.

StealthGenie Mobile GeoFencing - YouTube

According to the indictment, according to the indictment, the movie "Recording all voice calls" on the phone that installed StealthGenie, "Intercepting calls in real time" "Targeted at any time "I can eavesdrop on a 15 ft. (About 4.6 m) conversation" "You can always see mails, SMS messages, voice messages, address books, calendars, photos, movies" It is said that it can be easily executed without being noticed.

Although parents install monitoring software on children's mobile phones, InvoCode does not include spyware as "people who are not owners of the mobile but who would be wondering what the owner is doing" We also advertised it for.


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