Cheap Windows 8 Terminal Appears from HP, Tablet Approx. 10,000 yen · PC starts from about 20,000 yen

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is the local time on September 29, 2014, against the ChromebookHP StreamAs a new lineup of the series, we released two models of Windows 8.1 equipped tablets that can be purchased from 99.99 dollars (about 11,000 yen) and two models of Windows 8.1-equipped notebook PCs that can be purchased from 199.99 dollars (about 22,000 yen) .

HP News - HP Reveals Stylish and Affordable Windows Notebook PCs and Tablets Perfect for Holiday

"HP Stream 11" and "HP Stream 13" machines with notebook PC type Windows 8.1.

Differences in design and specs differ only in display size.

Display resolution is HD (1280 × 720), CPU isIntel Celeron processorOnboard, internal storage has 32GBEMMCIt is a notebook PC of fanless design adopting flash memory.

Color is developed by Orchid Magenta and Horizon Blue in two colors.

With 1D cloud storage provided by Microsoft, 1TB capacity can be used free for 1 year. In addition, Office 365 Personal is free for 1 year,Windows storeA gift card of 25 dollars (about 2700 yen) for downloading applications, movies, games for Xbox, etc. is set as well.

"HP Stream 11" display size is 11.6 inches and "HP Stream 13" display size is 13.3 inches. For "HP Stream 13" you can also change display to touch display as an option.

The HP Stream series new tablets are "HP Stream 7 Tablet" and "HP Stream 8 Tablet", and there is no particular difference in design or spec.

"HP Stream 7 Tablet" has a 7-inch HD (1280 × 720) display, and Intel's quad-core processor is adopted as a CPU.

"HP Stream 8 Tablet" is an 8-inch HD (1280 × 720) display, and the CPU has the same Intel quad-core processor. In addition, "HP Stream 8 Tablet" is optional, it is also possible to attach a plan that enables 4 G data communication of 200 MB every month to be available free of charge.

You can also use Office 365 Personal free for 1 year on 2 tablets and 1 TB of OneDrive for 1 year free of charge. Furthermore, I can get 1 hour of free Skype call each month.

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