Kyoto University announces that one step forward to clarify the mystery as to why humans kill each other, and that the case of chimpanzees can be explained by adaptation strategy

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Humans are creatures that kill humans, but chimpanzees are also known as creatures that kill between the same species. There was a big controversy as to whether this "homosexual killing" was born in the course of evolution or due to a change in the acquired environment, whereas the research team at Kyoto University is a process of evolution I have concluded.

Lethal aggression in Pan is better explained by adaptive strategies than human impacts: Nature: Nature Publishing Group

Proof that similar species killing seen in chimpanzees can be explained by adaptation strategy - expectation for elucidation of evolution of homogeneous slaughter behavior in human family -
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Proof that similar species killing seen in chimpanzees can be explained by adaptation strategy - expectation for evolution of homogeneous slaughter behavior in human family - - Kyoto University

Chimpanzees were often reported to kill and cannibalize the same species within groups and between groups. You can check the state of Chin Bungee cannibalism with the following movie. Since it is shocking content it is attention to play.

The cannibalism of the chimpanzee - YouTube

Regarding the reasons for "homosexual killing", the chimpanzee's male uses "female resources" to make it easier to acquire "fish"Adaptation strategy"And the view that it is an" artificial influence "caused by changes in the habitat by human development and being fed to humans.

However, a research group such as Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa of Kyoto University · Primate Research Institute and Associate Professor of Michael · W · Wilson of University of Minnesota studied 18 groups of chimpanzees and 4 groups of Bonobos over a long period of 50 years and chimpanzee After observing one case of suspected cases in Bonobo, 152 cases of killing (observation example 58 cases, estimation example 41 cases, suspected case example) in 15 groups, "To the mutation of the incidence of killing among homosynthesis The influence is irrelevant. " The research results will be published on 17th September 2014 to the science journal NaturePublishedIt is being done.

A picture of the chimpanzee's males heading to the battle by listening to the voices of the neighboring group and forming a crowd together

One controversy was settled by this research result that the homosexual killing of chimpanzees is mainly an adaptation strategy for mating partners and resources by male. However, it is only human and chimpanzee to kill such homogeneity in primates, homosexuals not evolved in Bonobos evolved from common ancestor with chimpanzee, so strong chimpanzee and human commonality I am suspected.

In addition, it is still unknown from the current study whether homosexual killing is a behavioral characteristic inherited from common ancestor of chimpanzee and human, or whether it is a behavioral characteristic individually evolved since the seed divides, so this chimp And if research on homosexual homicide progresses, it is expected that the mystery of "why humans kill humans" and "why do war?" And the mechanism of its suppression will be elucidated.

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