I went to Hong Kong's Pioneer Hiroshi where the resale of the iPhone is popular

On the release day of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, I got a queue at the Apple Store in Japan and New York, but there is no desire for pure iPhone anywayPeople reselling to the black marketThere are quite a few seen. It is said that mobile phones swept by such black market are resold to Chinese wealthy people, and one of the places where massive gathering of iPhone and second hand mobile phones judged by darkness is in Hong KongPioneer Hiroshige"is. I went to Hong Kong to see the resale market right after the iPhone was released.

The address of Peking Hiroba is "83 Argyle St" in Hong Kong. It is a short walk from Mongkok subway station.

The entrance looks something like this. It seems that years have passed since the building itself was made.

Many people were visiting the Pilgrimage Field on September 22 (Monday) four days after the new iPhone was released. It seems that male customers are mostly female customers and about 10% of them, and there seems to be few foreigners.

There are lots of people in front of the shop.

Paper with "i6 7800" stuck on it. Perhaps the selling price of iPhone 6 is 7800 Hong Kong dollars (about 110,000 yen). It seems that the price of SIM free version of Japanese iPhone 6 (70,232 yen including tax) is more than 40,000 yen and it is sold at a price exceeding the Hong Kong version (5588 HK dollar = about 79,000 yen).

I also found a Japanese-style store named TOKYO TELECOM.

In this store, the selling price of iPhone 6 is traded at HK $ 7100 (about 100,000 yen), iPhone 6 Plus is trading at 1xxxx (over 10,000 HK dollars = over 14 thousand yen). "Wallet" means smuggled goods, "currency" means genuine, "售" means to sell.

A policeman is coming in front of the ELEVEN MOBILE near the entrance, and we are listening to the situation from customers and clerks.

To steadily walk in the market.

IPhone seems to be sold as well as 6 and 6 Plus, there were stores where 5S sells for 4280 Hong Kong dollars (about 60,000 yen) and 5 sells for 3 3280 HK dollars (about 46,000 yen).

Naturally, stores with good purchase prices and goods seem to be popular, and there are streets with little pedestrians.

There are people in the 903 bargain shop located at the end. The purchase of 16 gold of iPhone 6 Plus' s gold on the day of visit is said to be HK $ 10800 (about 152,000 yen). Every shop seems to be changing the price according to the purchase situation of other shops and market conditions.

Market was sometime four days after the new iPhone was released, and only iPhone was traded, but there are stores dealing with GALAXY and HTC terminals.

Take the escalator and go to the second floor.

On the 2nd floor, not only stores purchasing and selling, but also shops dealing with covers etc.

A lot of kinds are offered considerably abundantly.

Almost all the shops are mobile shops on the first floor, but the second floor is about half.

There are shops that are repairing mobile phones.

I decided to go up to the third floor again.

There is a purchasing shop just up the escalator on the third floor and it seems that iPhone 6 is conducting trading at HK $ 9900 (140,000 yen).

The iPhone 5 is HK $ 2300 (about 32,000 yen), but the iPhone 4 seems to be sold at 900 RMB (about 13,000 Yen).

A lot of people gathered in front of the shop.

On the third floor are clothes shops and ...

There was a shop in a kind of disheartening atmosphere. The mobile shop seems to be about 30% of the whole.

When getting down to the first floor, the inside of the hall after 18:30 local time is getting crowded.

You can see how crowded from the following movies.

The bustle of the Pioneer Hiroshi's iPhone immediately after release - YouTube

It seems that some stores are stopping purchase. Perhaps the iPhone 's price is fluctuating on the fourth day.

This shop also stopped purchasing. What I'm buying is SIM free model of Hong Kong version and Europe version. Since I can not speak Chinese, I asked a clerk the screen that wrote "Japan iPhone 6 Sim free 16 GB OK?", But it seems that the purchase of the Japanese version is not done at most shops. It was about 5,800 Hong Kong dollars (about 82,000 yen) that the shop saying that they will only buy a few items after listening. There is a possibility that the reporter was suspected to be unable to speak Chinese, but as long as you see the posting of the shop, it seems that the purchase of the Hong Kong version and the Europe version is the main.

Even if you go outside the building there are shops dealing with mobile phones.

Not only the shop but also people who resell on the street.

The BROAD WAY near the Pilgrimage Hiroshi was flooded with a lot of people.

Next day (September 23) I went to the Peking Hiroba at around 10 am local time.

Some people reselled on the streets, but still the iPhones are not gathering.

Again, into the Pilgrimage Hall.

As well as yesterday, I will look at the TOKYO TELECOM iPhone price.

The price of iPhone 6 and Plus seems to be 7,100 Hong Kong dollars (about 100,000 yen) and 9 XXX Hong Kong dollar (over 9,000 HK dollars = over about 128,000 yen). The day I sold 6 Plus for more than HK $ 10000, the price was pretty declining just one night.

On the other hand, there were stores selling iPhone 6 over HK $ 8000 and Plus over HK $ 10,000 (about 141,000 yen). There seems to be various bargains.

ELEVEN MOBILE again has a policeman. This shop seems to be marked by the police.

Because it was morning, the shops not facing the main street were closed more than half.

Looking at the selling price of TOKYO TELECOM on the morning of the 24th, the price of iPhone 6 has not changed, but the price of 6 Plus has dropped to more than 8000 Hong Kong dollars (about 112,000 yen or more). It seems that time has passed since the release date.

Following the way of the Japanese version of iPhone I went to Syobo Hiroba but did not purchase as long as I tried to negotiate it seemed that I mainly bought the Hong Kong version and the European version. There are also rumors that mobile from the Pioneer Hiroshi to China, but the Japanese version may be flowing directly to China.

Many stores in Peking Hiroshi are open from 12 o'clock. When launching iPhone it is open from 10 o'clock and it seems that there are more people, but usually it is not crowded so far so it may be good to go once you like gadgets.

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