The Apple Store & Yodobashi matrix just before iPhone 5s / 5c release is like this

Although the space gray of the iPhone 5s has many stocks, somehow Silver · Gold is unusually small is confirmed by calling various things on the night of September 19 (Thursday) the day before, it became obvious But, how long has the matrix of essence been growing?

First of all this is the day before the launchApple Store Shinsaibashi store

Announcement of iPhone 5s and 5c


A security guard is patrolling

And a matrix


How far is it extending ......

Leading sign

I will continue to grow rapidly while saying. From around 10 hours to 11 hours after release.

"If you would like to purchase an iPhone, please line up here"

People bringing in a pipe.

I am thinking of having a night

Pedestrians crossing glancing at the queue

When I looked at what I was doing, it was a saucepan

"I will listen to a complaint for free"

Playing cards

It is busy.

Not only are you lined up but you are promoting

You can tell how long it is actually by looking at the following movie.

AppleStore Shinsaibashi queue for iPhone 5s · 5c purchase - YouTube

so,Yodobashi UmedaI went to see the state of the evening the night before.

Notice of iPhone 5s / 5c release

Stock situation is like this, iPhone 5s (16 GB) silver and gold will be on sale at that day Pears of each carrier

Unlike the Apple Store Shinsaibashi store Yodobashi Umeda is banning the tournament

And today, what is going on is what it looks like this.

Kyoto YodobashiArrival in

Move away

Move here

Discover a matrix

From left to right: docomo · Softbank · au

Apparently, it seems that the place was prepared around 22 o'clock in the evening


Popularity is prominent on each carrier.

Discovery notice in case of leaving by hand washing

This is the beginning

The queue was like this.

IPhone 5s · 5c matrix @ Yodobashi camera Kyoto - YouTube

Open shortly


Matrix also fidget

Yodobashi clerk came out

DoCoMo discovery

And numbered ticket 1 appeared

Beginning entrance

We will divide into 20 people and go inside


What kind of entrance is going to be like the following. It is an atmosphere called "rolame rose ~".

How the queue of iPhone 5s · 5c enters Yodobashi camera Kyoto - YouTube

Next, the state of Yodobashi Umeda

Discover columns


Information on stock status

Feel like lining up in this order

Clerk found

Wow Column


People waiting

This is the beginning

Classified for each carrier

Looking carefully, in two rows of "reserved" and "regular sale", au and docomo

Even so, a wonderful row

Surrounds Yodobashi

Continue further

The last tail is around here

We will continue to grow rapidly while saying

Awesome row

How far will it continue ...?

When you take a picture with a movie about how long it actually is, it feels like this, you can feel the length.

IPhone 5s · 5c matrix @ Yodobashi camera Umeda - YouTube

Next is Docomo Shop Umeda North

Like this

Next is Granfront Osaka case

Discover wait queue

It is pretty well lined up here


Also au row found

Last, the au shop of the Osaka station front 4th building store, normally opened at 10 o'clock but it changed from morning 8 o'clock to 21 o'clock from September 20 (Fri) to September 23 (moon)

There was no one, it was a normal driving as usual.

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