What is the result of making "iPhone 6 Plus" full with liquid nitrogen, mixer and hammer?

The larger model from the previous model "IPhone 6 Plus"The durability of the iPhone 6 Plus is put on a mixer, and movies are tried to try to hit hard with a hammer after immersing it in liquid nitrogen.

Will it Blend? - iPhone 6 Plus - YouTube

Blendertec president Tom Dixon, who shattered iPhone 6 Plus on a mixer with a mixer every time a new gadget comes out.

President Dickson took out the iPhone 6 Plus instead of Nokia's Lumia 929 ... ...

"Who wants Lumia 929?" While spitting outlaws, backwards.

This time I can put on the mixer is iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 3.

Put each one in a mixer ......

I firmly close the lid.

And switch on.

At first, both models are turning around with blades rotating at high speed ... ...

In a few seconds the right Galaxy Note 3 opens with Pakari.

Now the body of the iPhone 6 Plus is going to be two indeed. On the other hand, the battery is popping out in Galaxy Note 3.

Cracks enter the display of iPhone 6 Plus.

IPhone 6 Plus crashes display earlier than Galaxy Note 3.

The display of Galaxy Note 3 is destroyed and it becomes more and more shattered.

Stop the mixer after a while ... ...

Taking out the contents, the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 3 were turned into powder.

The iPhone 6 Plus, which we could not compete with Blendtec's mixer, this time, "I try to hit it with liquid nitrogen and hammer it", it seems that it will be destroyed no matter what you think The following challenge It is a movie.

IPhone 6 Plus vs Liquid Nitrogen - YouTube

First, put liquid nitrogen in a container.

To liquid nitrogen where bubbles are generated ......

I do not hesitate to take the iPhone 6 Plus.

Liquid nitrogen which generates bubbles more intensely when iPhone 6 Plus is inserted.

Add liquid nitrogen further. Coming to here, the word "it will break even without iPhone 6 Plus" comes out of my throat.

Touch the liquid nitrogen to cause frostbite, take iPhone 6 Plus out of the container with a metal tool.

The appearance seems to be frozen, with no power supply.

Next time I hit the iPhone 6 Plus soaked in liquid nitrogen with a hammer.

Set iPhone 6 Plus between blocks ... ...

A man wielding a hammer.

You can check the continuation from the movie on how iPhone 6 Plus dropped the full swing hammer.

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