Putting iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in the mixer for a longer time is a movie you experimented

Apple's "IPhone 5"Samsung's"Galaxy S III"Is a smartphone with many users. So, if you put these two in a mixer, which one can keep shape longer? I do not know the experiment, known as a mixer makerBlendecCompany's "Will It Blend?"Is going on.

Will It Blend? - iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 - YouTube

So farIPhoneYaIPad 2Will it Blend? "Which I got into the mixer after getting it right after release. If a new terminal of interest comes out, it is natural that you want to put it in a mixer.

Tom Dixon is in charge of the mixer. She is acting like a mad scientist wearing a white coat every time, but he is the founder of Blendtec.

This target is these two smartphones.

While commenting that "iPhone 5 has A6 chip and Retina display," into the mixer.

Of course Galaxy S III can not escape fate.

"This question is, which terminal can mix early," switch on as saying.

IPhone 5 which breaks while making sounds that can not be gorillari and gorigori.

Both of them have already dislocated the display panel, and the tip in the inside reveals itself.

Exterior of Galaxy S III last long lasting.

Even if the iPhone 5 gets almost shattered, the exterior of the Galaxy S III is still in shape.

But Tom Dixon who can not take a break. At last the Galaxy S III was also crushed ... ...

When the mixing is over ......

To pieces.

"YES, THEY BLEND!" With a full smile.

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