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Nissin Foods collaborated with Manchester United in "HUNGRY to WIN" project,"Cup Noodle RED DEVIL Big" "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. RED DEVIL BIG"Will be released on Monday, September 22. He only imagined the name of Manchester United nicknamed RED DEVIL, he said that it is a spicy and exciting taste with red peppers. The price is 190 yen for each tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

It is said that it is said to be transported to various parts of the world before the introduction of the new iPhone Unknown thing about Apple's logistics - GIGAZINE

Interface design · easy to use website to learn from mother - GIGAZINE

What is a computer that will receive financial assistance of 570 million yen from DARPA, which will be able to process 1000 times faster images than before - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
【Touch performing artist】 "Author Tatsuya Uesugi is which quiz" Akito Adachi "Comment on the shock that you can not understand" www - Togetter Conclusion

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 The picture book" Udon no Ukan "is too magical and topic - Livedoor blog

[Image] Karakuri TV's longevity quiz masterpiece Yaoba too Warota wwwww: Untitled document

"There are fewer AV actors than Bengal tigers", a Japanese actor is concerned with pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
STAP cell rice professor "Simple reproduction is wrong" NHK News

Surgery using world's first iPS cells NHK News

The patient who underwent surgery is a woman in Hyogo prefecture's 70s female who became unable to suppress the decline of visual acuity due to a serious eye disease called "age-related macular degeneration", and the research team firstly found that skin cells We made iPS cells slightly. Then, this iPS cell was transformed into the retinal tissue of the eye, and on 12th, we had a surgical operation after taking out a part of the damaged retina due to illness.

Chemistry that you've probably never seen gif image 17 selection 【translation】: spare time \ (^ o ^) / breaking news - livedoor blog

Will it be a breakthrough to the realization of quantum computer: the new theory of National Institute of Informatics «WIRED.jp

Why is the quantum computer hard to come by realization? "It is because yet the optimal theory has not been found at the stage when various methods are being tried," said theoretical physicist Tim Burns. With the new theory using quantum bits that is different from the conventional "macroscopic" quantum bits that he derived with paper and pen, there is a possibility that the "breakability" which was a barrier until now can be overcome.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
New scandals in the Asahi Shimbun Nintendo / Iwata Satoshi President Interview was invented! | Scoop Breaking News - Weekly Bunshun WEB

"At that time, President Iwata was not interviewed by a reporter from the morning sun, so I wondered whether the reporter was frustrated that the material could not be interviewed, and the comments Iwata talked about on the Nintendo official website arbitrarily joined together and tailored for an interview I got it up. "

We apologize to everyone for Nintendo and the readers Asahi Newspaper: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Video】 Miyaneya" Asahi Shimbun is the newspaper below East Sports "- Livedoor blog

Report · Furuto castor "Made a big mistake" and apology regulation committee in "Kawachi nuclear power plant report" protesting "deflection editing" - MSN Sankei News

Pieri Moriyama / mid-December, H & M, ZARA, GAP, etc. reopened at all 150 stores | Distribution News

Pieri Moriyama opened in about 200 commercial facilities in 2008, but due to the collapse of the operating company, in February this year it was closed for full renewal.

"Eliminate voters who can not persuade" Takaichi Sanae recommendation, Liberal Demobil Hitler book is too scary | LITERA rediscover the knowledge of books and magazines

Turkey refuses US base request Careful for Islamic country response: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Current affairs dot com: Yuko Yamaguchi's death = Actress "Lee Ka Lan" acts as a politician - 94 years old

Nuclear power is higher than wind power, the same level as trial calculated solar photovoltaic generation - 47 NEWS (Yona no news)

U.S. military bombing a "Islamic country" target in the southwest of Baghdad | Reuters

"The worst maritime affair in recent years" in the Mediterranean, 500 refugees Fear of water dying Photo 2 International News: AFPBB News

The smoke of the former Sanyo's "Zakuti" regeneration: Nikkei Business Online

Rakuten's "delusion power", then the target revolution is this! | Corporate Strategy | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leaders

In Japan, the price revolution has advanced with the power of management. Due to the battle of Mr. Masao Ogura of Yamato Transport, "cost to carry goods" fell. "The cost of carrying information" was also at the lowest level in the world by the battle of Softbank's son Masayoshi who worked on ADSL, and the competition expanded.
However, somehow, the "cost of carrying people" is still high. Airplanes, railways as well. In other words, there is a big business opportunity there. It seems that there is a big meaning to partnering with AirAsia in July.
Now that we have entrusted executives with executive management, Hirofumi Mikitani, Chairman and President, began concentrating on "bigger hands". Next, what sort of field will you tackle?

The exclusive interview of this journal Nobel laureate Economist Krugman "The Japanese economy completes completely with 10% of consumption tax" | Economic blind spot | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

"Independence will be an eternal farewell" British Prime Minister NHK News

About news | Baby's growth record

It is common sense that the range of motion of the human neck is limited, only about 60 degrees to the left and right. However, what I know about experience is that the baby may turn his neck more than 90 degrees while doing the Sunnz movement.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The University of Tokyo F-tec, Reason for abstention this year clearly - "Skipping human-powered planes is not a" good activity anyone can do "? - Unknown - In short it's a reading diary and a man power plane -

· "F-tec is currently in a suspended state of real activity absent adviser"
· From the situation of the test flight (TF) until June, "The teacher of the advisor judged that" knowledge on safety management consciousness, aeronautical engineering and other engineering is not enough in the first place ", and prohibition of TF is prohibited", TF's It was impossible to proceed. Since TF can not be done, safety can not be ensured even in the production, so we declined to participate.
· After the substitution after the end of the bird kon * 3, "There was a notice from the adviser" "Manpower planning by students is not an activity that allows one teacher to take responsibility, so we can not accept advisers from next fiscal year". Because advisers are absent, activities like clubs can not be done as it is.
· "The problem we face is the problem that any team faces".

The current situation of F-tec | The University of Tokyo F-tec

Home Tax payment: rush to beef Shipping stopped catching up south Minamiashigara-shi - Mainichi Newspaper

New entrance of the Hibiya Line to the west side of Toranomon Hills Tokyo's vision shows: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Depending on antidepressants US, now 30 million people "If not bright it is not American." Women in their 40s to 50s used by one in four people: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Approximately 30 million Americans are now taking antidepressants. It is not an exaggeration.

Taking into consideration the population of the United States (about 315 million), it is inevitable that one in ten people will have doubts whether there are many depressed patients.

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Mathematics full score (deviation value 80.2) and chemistry 2 points (deviation value 32.6) students appear at the University of Tokyo Competition Exam - Livedoor blog

How to capture the correct documentary program. 【The story when I appeared on Fuji TV "The Non Fiction"】 - I was a towashi blog

"Reasons for becoming sleepy after lunch" ⇒ Do not know this too many people? - Blog from yoyogi

The Korean government violates insects for food certification in national policy! To 700 billion won scale industry by 2020

"Mote want consciousness" Young people Shibamaru I prefer myself than heterosexuality: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Having spent a long recession from adolescence, it is difficult to find jobs for new graduates and collapses so far as household common sense that "men feed women with their income". Moreover, it is also influenced by the increase of divorce, and the family as a goal of love affairs can no longer have a dream. That means that both men and women are increasing negative youth to Mote.

49-year contract employee losing in annual income and having no dreams "Contract employee in the marriage way ... the best of life now" (1/5 page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

Poor redistribution of Japan brings war - throw ideas into shape

Recently, one in six children is poverty, irregular full-time low-income workers are increasing, and single mother's poverty is also often talked about, but a new benefit to low-income groups is given The story does not come out. Tax increase measures against consumption tax increase tax proposals can not be proposed only about countermeasures that will benefit all the way to high-income people.

Why is not so much disregard for redistribution policy in Japan?

Evolution of outdoor goods of Imadoki surprised after camping for the first time in 20 years - Diary of UEI shi 3 z

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Using Excel as an input screen and saving it in Access made this much benefit! - Excel craftsmen's tweets

【Weakness】 Wrist watch wishes blind although www Samura Kouchi www - Togetter Conclusion

People who do not know that there is a wristwatch for the visually impaired.

Since the ss command is a bug and a mass of land mines it is not a substitute for netstat - a donkey is packed with electrons

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Because I thought that I was working a lot with Yoshihiro Togashi, I tried to compare it with other cartoonists as a graph, and I compared it - An explanation of an information addict, a print addic, or a story addict

Nintendo website: About the problem that is incorrectly judged to be wrong in the Internet matchup of "Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS"

I will examine the circumstances of the pants of SMBra 3DS: absolute SIMPLE principle

Plump! : "Throb! PreCure "Various Maki Pi List Table Final ver. Is released!

【Flames】 Max's Muddy's Pazzla No charge turned out to be a lie and fans became anti-crisp | netgeek

Acting as President at AppBank Co., Ltd. Acting as "Max Murai", I discovered that Pasudra no charge declaration of Tomonori Murai (32), now becoming a talent, was a lie. From the time before Max Murmur, there was certain evidence that he had been charged, despite repeated argument that Pazdra "has not made any charges".

3DS Protect everyone and see the 80s spirit of the knight and the seriousness as a game! : Absolute SIMPLE principle

"Million Live! Why can I sell illustrations!? ~ Management staff speak, Million flow illustration production Iloha ~ Memorandum Memo - Izakaya Miyan

【There is a picture】 This is an unemployed woman's age at the age of 34 wwwwwwwwwww: Kini speed

Tezuka "Looking at top-notch movies, watching plays, listening to music, reading books": philosophy news nwk

Memories of Mr. Jun Hanada's teacher - highly developed feelings can not be distinguished from mad

【Gundam SEED】 You have not seen me because you are saying SEED (lol) · · ·

Drawing lecture by Professor Kubin Inoue is a great manga artist! It is! | Moe illustration improvement method! Drawing beginner's study room

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Nakamura Nori To DeNA Withdrawal Exercise of FA right for the first time in professional baseball history! : What's J Stadium @ N J Summary

What J PRIDE: 【Baseball】 Demolition acts demoting the jersey number wwwwwwww

138: If the wind blows, there will be a nameless @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/09/15 (Monday) 23: 49: 40.23 ID: lX + vlrdz.net
Nakazato 18 → 70
Ito Association 18 → 65
Nagami 18 → 66


Yamamoto Masashi "There is a dream if thrown up to 80 years old" Baseball> Summary Taro!

Sato Tetsuzo ceases active recovery of horseback injury - Horse racing news: nikkansports.com

Kintetsu and Ori OB are trendy baseball faces the Hanshin OB in the Kansai area

15 Nanashi-san @ OPEN 2014/09/16 (Tue) 13: 06: 29 ID:

Hirosawa is in the Kansai area, other metropolitan areas, Yakult related events
Use Hanshin, Giant, Yakult

TOKIO: An artificial island in a no-limpway "second haunt" Location Located in 115 years history TV's first infiltration - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

Tokyo Newspaper: "New National" Kasami Construction Fee Giant Arch Opening and Closing Roof Construction: Society (TOKYO Web)

Beat Takeshi "net users are slaves" remarks wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: kini speed

Men who painted the world's Kyary Pamphu Pu Temple chart: Nikkei newspaper

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【South Korea / Asian Games】 Japanese championship without a baptismal cooler in away, bath & elevator breakdown (22nd floor) - livedoor blog

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(PDF file)"Savage cutlet crab sweet chili sauce" New release ~ "Sausage Focaccia barbecue sauce" also sold at the same time using sauce that imaged "Chilean club" in Singapore ~

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