Seven facts unexpectedly known about Apple

Local time Apple announced new products such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch on 9th September. BuzzFeed has published a fact that iPhone 6 which adopted a big screen which has never before been a future trend, is still unknown unknown fact existing in Apple which has a great power as a company still .

7 iFacts You Did not Know About Apple - YouTube

Fact 1, Apple's 1st Quarter of 2014Net revenue reached record high of $ 57.6 billion (about 6.1 trillion yen), net income of $ 13.1 billion (about 1.4 trillion yen)That was a bigger amount than Google, Facebook and Amazon combined.

Fact 2, iTunes accounts now have over 800 million accounts.

In fact, what means that more than 3.8 billion account holds means that Apple can access the world's most credit cards.

Fact 4, Apple, former CEO Steve Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak, played a mischievous day a while after encountering.

What I was doing was a prank call to the Vatican.According to Wikipedia, This is an event that happened when two people made long distance calls when they made their own devices to deceive the telephone system called "Leaking" and make a phone call for illegal free calls. When Wozniak calls the Pope by calling on the Secretary of State of the United States, he said "I'm going to bed so I will wake it from now," and it seems he hurriedly cut off.

Fact 5, the apple logo on the Apple product is not actually the first logo that is the origin of Apple.

It is not a familiar rainbow-colored apple or face mark ... ...

The logo like this painting is the first. This is the design that Newton sits under an apple tree and is reading a book.

Fact 6: Former Apple employee Ronald Wayne, who designed the first logo, sold 10% of its holding in 1976 for $ 800 (about 85,000 yen) and left Apple.

However, if we hold the holdings to date, the value is equivalent to 40 billion dollars (about 4 trillion yen).

"You did stupid things"

Fact 7, Apple tried to enter the fashion industry in 1986.

A hat with an Apple logo ......

Colorful fashion

Fashion items for children also existed.

At a new workshop held at 10 o'clock on September 9, 2014 (2 o'clock 10 o'clock Japan time)Apple WatchAlthough it was announced, unlike Apple fashion, the movie ends with "Apple Watch should hurry". Although Apple's unknown history was released, in the comment section about the new iPhone 6 · Apple Watch and Apple's future,Various argumentsHas been unfolded.

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