People who developed Windows blue screen reveal facts unknown

ByBen Hollingsworth

Display a message on the screen with a blue background when a system fatal error occurs "Blue screen(Aka: Blue Screen of Death) "is definitely one of the things that Windows users are most afraid of. A person who wrote that terrible blue screen code reveals the development of blue screen on Microsoft's official blog.

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Blue screen appeared from Windows 95 released in 1995, Windows 3.1 had a form to display an error message on a black screen. On the blue screen at the time of development, we displayed a message asking to select "continue as it is" or "restart by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL" together with error message, but if we can identify the location of the error, It seems that the coder who thought it might be investigated corrected part of the message.

If the device driver crashes, Windows 95 will do its best to make it work somehow even if a serious failure has occurred in the kernel mode component. The characteristics of this Windows 95 are included in the message "It may be possible to continue normally (probably no problem even if continuing as it is") ", for example, even if the scanner driver is damaged, scanning does not work properly Just because other parts work without problems, it does not become a big problem even if continuing.

When you talk a bit more technically in depth, when a blue screen is displayed, in the system the virtual machine manager discards the running event and returns to the event dispatcher. If the event is not being executed, the running application will be deleted instead of discarding the event.

If the problem can not be resolved by continuing with discarding the event or deleting the application, the blue screen will be displayed again, and the last action left to the user will be restarted by pressing "CTRL + ALT + DEL" at the same time Only pray for. The coder who thought that the user himself could investigate the cause of the error was modified to include "name of the driver where the error occurred" and "section number" in the blue screen error message. After that, we added code to investigate the address where the crash occurred, and that horrible blue screen was completed.

"It was Microsoft's former CEO of Steve Ballmer who wrote the Windows 95 blue screen code,"News reportAlthough it was done, the person who revealed the development background of the blue screen has denied.

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