I tried to taste "Pine ame drink" that that pine amer can drink very much and I tried to see how much it was reproduced

Ice ized pine amePine Aime IceAlthough it was on sale, this time drinking "Pine amelic drink"Has appeared.

Long-selling "Pine ame" newly appeared with drinks "Pine Ame drink" New release by FamilyMart limited
(PDF file)http://www.family.co.jp/company/news_releases/2014/140904_02.pdf

This will be sold only on Family Mart from Thursday, September 9 "Pine Ame drink"

The content is 190 g, and it is about this size when it is in hand.

There is only thing that uses 40%, the beginning of the raw material name is "Pine Apple".

Calorie is 88 kcal per one.

The package simulates the design of Pine ame and is a little retro.

First of all check the taste of pine ame.

Next, peel off the lid of the pine-amed drink ... ...

I poured it into a cup. Is it yellow juice? It is a semitransparent liquid that seems a little yellowish.

Pineapple feeling firmer than expected after drinking. Although it feels a little sweet since it contains much mouth in one's mouth at the same time, it has a well-balanced relationship with sourness, and it seems like it is biting a little sour part of pineapple. Pineapple juice with 100% fruit juice will be chilled in the mouth after drinking, but pineame drinks are also refreshing aftertaste and can drink gokogoku. It was easy to drink as a drink while faithfully reproducing the pine ame.

Also, at the same time as Pinehame Drink, Melon Soda Ame was also sold at FamilyMart Limited.


As well as pine ame this is also a nice taste. Although it is not Schwaszwa, refreshing soda and creaminess of ice were well reproduced.

Both pine-amide drinks, melon soda beans are 168 yen including tax, and since September 9 it is sold at a limited number of Family Marts in the country except for Okinawa at 10,600 stores with limited quantity.

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