I actually tried drinking how relaxedly it is "peas"

It suddenly became cold today these days. In such a case I miss a hot drink, but to the lineup of hot drinks sold at convenience stores and vending machines, New Face "Absolutely"(130 yen including tax) appeared.

In the cold season, the hand extends to sweet things, I think that peach was chosen from a number of sweet fruits, but as peach juice is rather commonly sold, it gets warm I can not predict what will happen with that thing. I bought it for his hands while fighting the invisible anxiety as to whether it would boil down and become softer and different flavor.

About the texture and taste actually drank "Hottomo" from the following.Calpis: Press Release: "Hottomo" New Release

This is "Hottomo" I bought. The color of the whole package is close to ordinary peach juice, but the product name and the orange circle that seems warm in the middle of the package will tell you that this is a hot item.

On top of the impression that it is hot, there is somewhat anxiety over the umami complaint of "Toro - Romorikaka".

Raw material name is like this.

Calories are 47 kcal per 100 ml. Since it contains 280 ml, even if you drank it all, it is slightly higher than the same series "Hot Lemon (44 kcal per 100 ml)" which is about 131 kcal.

I immediately opened the lid and poured it into the cup, and the fragrance of sweet peach was drifting heavily. Tempered by the fragrance of the peach that got warmed and stronger, the taste is also sweet and sweet, it is just breathtaking with the feeling like warming the things boiled down with peachy ameth as it is. The fruit feeling such as peach nectar etc. is not so much, it is feeling like peach "taste" to the last, so the evaluation is divided, but the feeling of the tongue is mellow and mellow, and it feels calm in the cold season, so sour taste like "Hot Lemon" It may be perfect for those who are not good.

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