E-Mobile, HTC smartphone announced today

It became clear that eMobile announces HTC made smartphone today.

The company's smartphone was released in 2008 "Dual DiamondEver since, what kind of models will be released soon?

Details are as below.
Twitter / Yazaki Asuka: e-mobile, October 28 (Thurs) HTC Summa ...

According to Yabusaki Asuki's Twitter of Weekly ASCII Editorial Department, eMobile announced today that it will release HTC smartphone on Thursday, October 28. The details of the terminal is unknown.

HTC is Google's "Nexus One"Manufacturer's own high-end Android smartphone"HTC Desire"As we are concentrating on Android, the expectation will surely rise. This is ...

Also, as soon as the presentation is done at GIGAZINE, we will post a review article etc.

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