Amazon super smart phone "Fire Phone" drops to about 100 yen discount

Amazon made smart phoneFire Phone"Will be cut down to 99 cents (about 105 yen), which is one-hundredths shorter than two months from the release.

Amazon Media Room: Press Releases

Traditionally, AT & T as a telecommunications company has exclusively sold the Fire Phone, and the 32 GB model was 199 dollars (about 21 thousand yen) subject to a two-year contract, but Amazon sold Fire We officially announced that we will cut Phone to 99 cents (about 105 yen).

Technical advancement is a constantly rated Fire Phone, but at a regular price of $ 449 (about 47 thousand yen), a high price of 199 dollars (about 21 thousand yen) even for a two year contract with AT & amp; T Has become a bottleneck, and the situation where sales can not be said to be favorable. As a result, Amazon and AT & T have decided to raise sales with drastic discounts of 99.5% discount. In addition, selling on without a mobile line agreement with AT & T still remains $ 449 (47 thousand yen).

Although it is Amazon which took a big discount strategy the day before Apple's announcement that the iPhone 6 is expected to be announced, it is certain that it will become more difficult when the iPhone 6 is announced, so somehow I got a lot of attention It seems like I am struggling.

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