Start by "Ctrl + Alt + Del" Who wrote the text displayed on the forced stop screen?

Microsoft's developer networkMicrosoft Developer Network(MSDN) 's blog dedicated to "The Old New Thing"Why only Outlook can not search by "Ctrl + F"AndReason why the game "Pinball" which had been up to XP disappeared from Windows VistaA page that explains the questions such as the past with the events of the past. Here, newly "Who wrote the text displayed when pressing "Ctrl + Alt + Del" in Windows Ver. 3.1?It is revealed.

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Until the Windows OS was 16 bits, when you simultaneously launch multiple applications and multitasking, pressing "Ctrl + Alt + Del" at the same time a text-based screen is displayed and "Which system firmly responds "And" Which applications stop responding? "Etc at a glance. Furthermore, it seems that it was possible to terminate the application or restart the PC itself, for example, if there was an application that did not respond.

When these were being developed, Steve Ballmer, former CEO, who served as the leader of the system department at Microsoft, was. He said he visited the Windows team and came to see what kind of system they are working on. At this time the Windows team showed off the characteristics of "Ctrl + Alt + Del" just under development To do.

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Mr. Ballmer nodded by looking at it and said, "This is very nice, but I heard that this text message is not your preference." On the other hand, the Windows team also said "OK, better than this If you can do the job, please try it. "It seems that he answered quite a challenging response.

If it is another official, it may have withdrew as it is, but Ballmer will respond to this challenge. And a few days later, when I pressed "Ctrl + Alt + Del" I created by myself, I sent the text displayed on the screen to the members of the Windows team, which was so wonderful that after all I did not change the product version It was decided to be used in.

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