Evidence that the weekend two-day system is inefficient


A weekly two day system called "Working for 5 days a week for five days" has been introduced all over the world, and as the weekend approaches, I feel the end of the week as "weekend soon!", But in the first place " "That the cycle is not a natural cyclePointed out at The AtlanticIt is being done. So, "the worker system four days a week will be more efficient", along with cases of companies actually introducedCityLabIt is summarized by.

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◆ The origin of the 5-day work system


"7 days" in the world is regarded as one cycle, but in August 1991 Mr. Witold Rybczynski at The Atlantic "The natural cycle does not occur every 7 days, so the 7-day cycle is unnatural "It explains. It is a period of 365 days per year because the earth makes one round around the sun, so it is regarded as a natural cycle, but it is artificial cycle that one week is seven days.

The Babylonians 4000 years ago believe that there are seven planets in the solar system and the number of planets is the origin of "7 day week" as it is. It was transmitted from Egypt, Greece to Rome, and finally to the Jews, and each country's own unique 7th week was made. Also,Jesus Christ bornA calendar that adopted the seven-day week in Western Europe was discovered 250 years ago.

For the first time in 1879 the word "week-end"Notes and QueriesIt was used in a magazine called. Workers in England in the 19th century spent drinking and gambling on Sunday and workers wanted to heal Sunday's binge drinking, "Holy Monday(Saint Monday) "To create a habit of taking work off.

The factory owner who is troubled by work absence on Monday negotiated an agreement that workers will be given half holiday on Saturday instead of Monday. After several decades Saturdays became a whole day holiday, and it is said that a two day system of weekly work was born. And in 1908 New England of the United States, the factory which formally formally worked 5 days a week appeared, and after various folding, 5 days of work and 2 days system of weekly holiday were born.

◆ Evidence that a weekly two day system is inefficient

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Study of American Journal of EpidemiologyAccording to those who worked 55 hours a week, the efficiency of intellectual work is lower than those who worked only 40 hours a week. Also,"Be Excellent at Anything"The author Tony Schwartz said people can get an explosive concentration of 90 minutes after a break,Harvard Business ReviewI told you. Taken together, it means that work can be done more efficiently than working for a long time by reducing working hours and taking many breaks.

Google'sLarry PageCEO, "Weekly 4-day labor system", although it is not carried out in-houseRecommended, Project management tool "Basecamp"Jason Fried employs a work system of" work four days a week, 32 hours a week "for employees half of the year. Mr. Fried tells the New York Times, "In compressed working hours, we value less time, so we tend to pay attention to important matters." furtherUK Faculty of Public HealthArgues that the 4 day weekly labor system has the effect of lowering the blood pressure of employees and improving mental health.

◆ 4-day weekly labor system is an effective example

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Facebook photo sharing application "Slingshot"Introduced a three-day consecutive holiday system on weekly basis,Employee enrollment rate rapidly increasedJay Love CEO says. Following this, "Web Design & Web Development Learning Platform"Treehouse"Adopted the labor system four days a week,Company grows fastIt is said to have contributed to.

◆ To introduce the 4-day work system

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Because the worldwide weekly holiday system is allowed, most companies are difficult to take weekdays off from the reasons of trading etc. So Houston consultant David Stephan wants LinkedIn to adopt the four-day weekly labor systemSuggest a solutiondoing.

The method is to divide the company into two teams and divide the company into division of labor. The team A assigns Monday through Thursday and assigns B teams Tuesday to Friday. As this shift shifts every week, on weekends practically it will be four consecutive holidays. Business hours are changed from 8 o'clock to 17 o'clock from 7 o'clock to 18 o'clock and the working hours per day has increased to 10 hours but it is easy to acquire illness absence on working days and the whole morale is Trending up. The employee likes a new work system, "It is better to work 10 hours for 4 days rather than 5 days a week at 8 hours."

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