The reason why 8 hour labor was born and reasons for shortening working hours

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in JapanLabor Standards Act, The employer is supposed not to allow employees to work more than 40 hours a day, 8 hours a day, a week. The regulations concerning working hours in the United States are almost the same as in Japan, and if the working hours work more than 40 hours a week, the employer needs to pay extra wages to the employer. With most developed countries 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week in general, labor is provided, we offer services to tackle consumers as credit card debt problems and money saving techniquesFrugalingBut"Why not try reducing 40 hours a week"We are doing interesting proposal.

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The beginning of employment of eight hours a day and 40 hours a week in Japan and the United States occurred in England from the mid-18th century to the nineteenth centuryIndustrial RevolutionIt goes back to. In the UK at that time, "Working hours got longer productivity gained, the productivity got better", so it seemed that working hours were 14 hours a day and 16 hours to 18 hours in a long time.

However, work hours of 14 hours for workers are too long, so problems such as health problems and productivity deterioration triggers campaigns for workers to complain about shortening working hours. The British government prohibited the work of children under 9 years old in 1833 and limited the working hours of workers 9 years old to under 18 years to within 69 hours a week "Factory lawEnacted. The factory law was revised several times afterwards, and in 1874 it was stipulated that "the working hours of all workers from Monday to Friday are up to 10 hours a day".

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Meanwhile, in the United States on May 1, 1861, more than 380,000 workers in the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston and others dared to do a massive strike seeking an 8 hour labor regime. A protest rally by workers was held on May 4 of the same year at Haymarket Square in Chicago city, the workers collided with the police. At that time a bomb was thrown in, both the police and the workers died and the incident laterHaymarket caseNamedmay dayIt is said that it became a catalyst for the creation of.

While workers were required to introduce an 8 hour labor system, they were held in 1919International Labor OrganizationThe labor system called "8 hours a day, 40 hours a week" at the 1st General Assembly was established as an international labor standard. In Japan, it took effect in 1916Factory lawIn 1947, the Labor Standards Law came into effect, and 8 hours of work was prescribed a day, and it has reached the present age.

In the circumstances that it is the background and the fact that 8 hours work is the standard in modern times, Mr. Sam Lustgarten of Frugaling claims that "various troubles are occurring owing to 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week work" I will.

According to Mr. Lustgarten, the productivity per hour has improved dramatically thanks to the development of technology, but thanks to improved productivity it is not a worker but an employer. What it means is that it is convenience for humans to ask for free time other than work and sleeping time being limited. In other words, it seems that we are consuming money to save time and to get satisfaction in less time in order to do all things at free time. "Thanks to these consumption, workers are lazy and feelings of fulfilling the living aspects other than work are disturbed, and workers getting on using their capital at free time are It is an employer, "Mr. Lustgarten points out.

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Furthermore, while the company is being told that "the economy is depressed", large companies continue to grow. According to Lustgarten, the reason why business growth does not stop is that investors continue to put pressure on companies for continued income. Lustgarten says, "As the company continues to grow indefinitely, the population is growing steadily, this phenomenon is not comparable to the population growth when the industrial revolution happened, and the population The increase has reduced natural resources and is causing environmental problems, and society has created a bad cycle. "

Lustgarten advocates "Reducing working hours" to make society that is creating a vicious circle better. Actually in the city of Gothenburg in Sweden targeting the two departments of the city councilStart experimentI did. Experiment is to make the working hours of one department 6 hours a day and the other to 8 hours to see what difference is made. Vice mayor of Moto Pilhem of Gothenburg said, "We are expecting that the absence of illness by staff who imposed a small number of hours worked decreases, productivity gets better, and both mind and body will have a positive effect."


Also, Mr. Larry Page of Google also told employment issues around the world, especially young people 's unemployment rate is a problem.I want to work, but I am running out of work To solve it, It is necessary to reduce the time each person works, that is, to shorten the working hours, "which took place in July 2014interviewHe said in a statement.

According to Movement in Sweden and Mr. Paige's remarks, Mr. Lustgarten argues that "It is time now to shorten working hours". If 8 hours work is shortened, I do not know how it affects society, but it may be argued as one of the ways to solve black companies and employment problems.

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