What is "trench art" that soldiers have been making in soldiers entered in a life and death during the war?

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Artifacts that soldiers who are in the middle of battle using wreckage of war, such as bullets, shrapnel, bone, hair,Trench Art"is. Trench art, which is sometimes required and sometimes created from suffering, has a meaning of "reminding the war of the past", but there are many practical and beautiful things, and many fans are present even in the present age. Why Trench Art was born, what kind of history has been followed, the world of unknown trench artMediumIt is summarized.

Trench Art Is Hauntingly Beautiful - War Is Boring - Medium

During World War IWestern FrontFor about four years there was a trench warfare and soldiers spent months in the dungeons, but among them the soldiers used to make the trench as a killer was hand made as a trench ( It is an entrenchment art. A lot of practical things were made, such as creating a cup, dice, portrait from bullet shells, dog tags, metal pieces, etc., with small bullets as pen, broken knife as letter opener.

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This is Trench Art. There are practical things to accessories.

Christ image made of chemicals.

Also, not only soldiers but also civilians melt metal pieces falling on the battlefield to create children's toys and tools and farm equipment. And even after the war ended, people seemed to have obtained stable income by converting the remains of the fight into something shaped and selling it to soldiers who are in the mood for tourists and nostalgic.

Many people believe that the origin of trench art is a World War I because of this background, but in reality it was already made in the 19th century.

It happened in 1803Napoleonic warAt the British Army captured 100,000 French soldiers and locked them in a waste ship, French soldiers who had free time in captivity for about 10 years began to make trench art. Because the supplies are scarce, many of them used bones and clothes pieces that were in the diet, their hairs, etc. In addition, they exchanged trench art with meals and materials to make better works, and Trench Art played like money. Like the economy of the outside world, manage brass and other materialsguildI came out to soldiers who played such a role.

The theme of the work varies from the landscape of his hometown to the top of Domino. The complicated and delicate works that they made are still still hundreds of years old. It is said that the artist's work is decided by the environment, but this is why there is a tendency to be seen in works of French soldiers trapped in British ships. They responded to the demands of the audience, that is, British guards who want to see British ships.

The following is a game for two people called Cribbage.

Nude body of a woman made with 25 pound gun case.

Trench art custom has been inherited to the present, soldiers who headed for Afghanistan also made a work. Some also brought home the trench art that he made as it is. British military base in AfghanistanCamp BastionDarren Adams, who stayed at the hotel, said that he made a bottle opener for her father for medicine and a toy train for her daughter.

Trench art is still being sold by rich collectors and relics lovers of rare war, and besides being bought down on eBay,Canada's GalleryAt the exhibition is also held a collection of beautiful trench art in the Napoleonic era.

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