A little discovery of the content of reading experience lost by transitioning to e-book


With the spread of e-book readers such as Kindle and Kobo and tablets and smartphones, the variety of reading styles, which were formerly paper-based, is progressing. From the layer that supports traditional bound books, we hear opinions that point out that "Paper and screen are different things", but interesting results are highlighted from research which investigated the difference due to the difference in reading method It is.

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I did the research in NorwayStavanger UniversityMr. Anne Mangen and France ·Aix-Marseilles UniversityA research team by Jean-Luc Velay et al. In the research, 50 graduate students with the same degree of reading and tablet usage were collected, and experiments were conducted in two groups of 25 people. Each groupElizabeth GeorgeI read various short stories of the authored book until the end, and I went through various verifications, but one group had books and the other group had Amazon's electronic reader "Kindle DXI used an e-book installed on my computer.

In the verification, the time taken for students in each group to read is measured. After that, we asked questions about the contents of the text, and measured emotional response to the work based on psychology criteria, it was measured what the differences between the two groups are. As a result, we did not recognize a big difference between the two groups, but in some respects it turned out that there was a clear difference.

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Both groups show equivalent correct levels in "Story Background", "Characters", "Story Details", etc. However, in a question asking when the event occurred in the story, The group who read the e-book clearly showed a low correct answer rate. In addition to the question of rearranging the flow of talks divided into fourteen, the result that the e-book group's correct answer rate was only about half of the other was highlighted.

A table showing the result is here. The left side of the horizontal bar indicates an incorrect answer and the right side indicates that there are many correct answers, and the accuracy rate of the e-book indicated by the gray circle is generally lower than that of the paper base, and especially the "Time and events" In the item you can see how big water is drilled.

In addition, the following graph compares the correct answer rate of problems that rearrange stories in time series. As the numerical value approaches "0", it shows that the accuracy rate is high, but we found that the e-book has a difference of 3.1 points, compared with 7.9, compared to paper base 4.8.

In response to this result, Mr. Mangen of the survey team commented on the meaning of the trend, "It is interesting that both questions are items concerning time and chronology", further research on this result is required, As for this result, it is thought that it is thought that the character font, the difference of the used device, and the past reading experience of the subject have influence.

In order to pursue this cause, Mangen says, "It is necessary to unravel complicated intertwined elements one by one." Even in the results of the current survey, it seems to support the argument that "reading of paper and screen is different thing", but "It will be the confirmation of the influence that the nature of" tactile "that actually holds the book has its hands Sho, "Mr. Mangen talks about the issue.

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